Thursday, June 28, 2012

Bethlehem Zoners in Legal Limbo

ZHB Solicitor Mickey Thompson
Five separate appeals were scheduled to be heard by Bethlehem's Zoning Hearing Board on June 27. But thanks to something known as the "pending ordinance doctrine," only one of them was heard.

After years of consideration, Bethlehem is close to adopting a new zoning ordinance. A vote is scheduled for August 7. According to Solicitor Mickey Thompson, this creates a "legal limbo" in which rulings could be attacked because the new ordinance is still under consideration.

"I want to protect everybody involved so we are not having a hearing based on nothing," explained Thompson.

Applicants represented by attorneys quickly sought continuances.

Attorney Jim Preston, representing developers Ed Novak and Lou Pektor, wanted two green lights from zoners for a medical office building and employee parting lot at Jack Jones Buick, located on West Broad Street. Complaining that his clients are on a schedule, Preston called the situation a "due process limbo" in which applicants are sent to the Zoning Hearing Board, but are unable to obtain relief. Nevertheless, "out of respect for the Board," Preston agreed to a continuance.

Attorney Harry Newman, representing MM Consultants, wanted zoners to bless the conversion of St John Capistrano's rectory into a training facility for Lehigh Valley Community Health Centers. Training will have to wait.  He agreed to a continuance as well.

Zoning Officer Suzanne Borzak told the Board that nine appeals are already scheduled for August, so zoners will schedule an extra night of hearings to accommodate one and all.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

You mean the same Jim Preston that represents the townships suing the State/Allentown/NIZ and the same Lou Pektor who organized a developer group against the NIZ are working together? Who couldn't of figured that was happening? I am sure Jim and Lou are ethical business men who wouldn't ever cross the line. I am sure Jim didn't ever share private information on the lawsuit with Lou or that Lou didn't dictate Jim's actions in and regarding the lawsuit. I am also sure O'Hare doesn't play favorites or isn't biased in any way to not see the collusion and insider trading. I hope you can tell that is all rhetorical and sarcastic. I wonder how any of you sleep at night knowing you are nothing more than narcissistic, unethical hypocrites who only act in the best interest of yourselves. I can understand acting in the best interest of yourself, but don’t point fingers at others you perceive do that too. It makes you look weak and hypocritical, which all 3 of you are. You 3 make me sick!

Bernie O'Hare said...

"Who couldn't of figured"

Boy, oh boy. I'm glad to hear I make you sick bc your grammar makes me equally ill. Isn't it time for your drug cocktail?

Anonymous said...

why - you want to share drukard?