Friday, August 24, 2007

Rendell: Cunningham Would Make a Fine Governor

Governor Ed Rendell was the sole guest Monday night on Tony Iannelli's Business Matters. Incidentally, that's really a terrific show for folks interested in politics. Although very careful not to endorse anyone, Rendell made clear that Lehigh County Exec Don Cunningham would make a "fine" governor.

Cunningham has had a "great local experience" as Bethlehem mayor and Lehigh County exec, and also has state experience while serving in Rendell's cabinet. The only downside, in Rendell's view, is money. He needs a lot more of the green stuff, and soon, if he expects to be taken seriously.

LVPoliblog recently interviewed Cunningham, who claims he won't make a final decision in 2010.

As far as Rendell's own political ambitions are concerned, he won't ride on someone else's bandwagon as a VP candidate. But he'd love to be Energy or Transportation Secretary.


J. Spike said...

We can't find a Democrat from the Valley to beat Dent. Let alone one who would be elected Governor.

Unless ofcourse Lyn Swann runs again.

Then a Cow from Forks Township has a choice.

Any at Klein Farm.

I think a lifeform that eats its own puke could have a landslide vs Swann.

But I doubt the next nominee will be that hopeless.

So I can't see Cunny running gor Govey!!!

Bethlehemite said...

I think Don Cunningham would make a fine Governor,I met him on various occasions,but to me and thats only my opinion he shys away from people(ok maybe it was just me) he has the look of a governor and I think he did a good job for Bethlehem.

A Governor should be out going,have a strong will and have a special something, I can't explain it.

I hope he has this.

I will vote for him,look at the competition !

Don look me in the eye the next time I see you !

Anonymous said...

Don is a good guy. I think he could give Dent one hell of a run fort the money. I think DC is more into the Executive branch of government. I do agree somewhat with the former poster. Don needs to appear a little less slick. A few of the people around him act like they are already in the Governors office. If his term goes smoothly he will do well. As you know Bernie County Government can jump up and bite you in the rump. Hopefully he has some vetern county forlks helping him. Don is a smart guy and personable he just needs some folks who can help him get that nice guy, likability out there. He has a better shot then anyone else in the Valley of becoming Governor.

river said...

""Rendell made clear that Lehigh County Exec Don Cunningham would make a "fine" governor"" Compared to Rendell he would!

Bernie O'Hare said...

I'd support Cunningham if he were to run. I'm impressed by what he's done for Bethlehem and in such a short time in LC. Frankly, I think he has a shot if he can raise money. Onoroto and Baker out west will draw votes from each other, payjacker Mellow is nuts if he thinks he'll get any support outside of Scranton, and no Philly Dem seems interested. I think Cunningham has a lock on se Pa and can do this if (1) he gets the money, and (2) nothing in LC expoldes in his face.

Chris Casey said...

Cunningham would be an outstanding governor. I'll have the rest of my interview soon, the tech wiz says he retrieved it, so I hope to put it up this weekend

river said...

Bernie, I think the best thing to happen to this state is to have a non-philly candidate running for office. I'll bet a lot of people in Pa don't know that people who live in Philly don't have to pay school real estate tax. Thats why Rendell could care less about any tax reform. Rendell is giving 800 million dollars of the socalled property tax reform gambling money to rebuild the Philadelphia convention center. Plus 5 % of the Gaming revenue to support the Philly convention center not for 10 years, not for 50 years... FOREVER!!!!!!!! REndell is spending our money before its even there. I didn't vote for a cheesesteak to run our state. Not to mention the 255 million for the Philly orchestra, 75 million for Hollywood, and 500 million again for septa

Anonymous said...

Met him at a dinner in NW Lehigh County with his Community Relations guy. Mr. Cunningham was very friendly and I like what they both had to say. One of the Supervisors up here said he's impressed with the County's efforts in the area.

LVDem said...

It will be Cunningham and Corbet in 2010. Outcome: too many variables to predict, but I'm putting money behind Don.

Joey Long and the Boys' Worst Nightmare said...

Don would make a great governor and deserves LV support.