Friday, June 29, 2012

Slate Belt Woman Doing Tour De France

The Tour de France is for members of the penis club only. But six women will be riding the course one day ahead of the men. According to The Pocono Record, one of these woman is Bangor native Jennifer Cree.

If she grew up in the Slate Belt, hills should be no problem for her.

Jennifer is doing it for Bikes Belong, whose goal is "to put more people on bikes more often." Her fundraising page is here.

A round-trip commute of just 10 miles is supposed to save you $10, but I use the saved money to buy fruit, so that's a wash for me.

According to Bikes Belong, the health benefits of cycling outweigh the risks 20 to 1. As someone who rides the roads and runs the bike and tow paths, I believe road biking is actually much safer than riding the trails, which are full of blind spots.


Lance the Doper said...

I think it's a lot safer riding the trails because there are no jackwagons trying to run you off the trails or throw stuff out the window at you.

Anonymous said...


Kelly P. said...

Awesome for Jenn! Very cool chic.

Kelly P. said...

Awesome for Jenn! Very cool chic.