Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Criminal Mischief in Hanover Township

At their June 26 meeting, Hanover Township Manager Jay Finnigan updated Supervisors on some recent examples of criminal mischief.

In the first instance, two boys decided to decorate the rear door of a building in Crawford Park with graffiti, even though the building is currently decorated with signs warning that it is under video surveillance. Colonial Regional Police now have "nine good pictures," including two pictures of these young men looking right into the camera.

It is unclear whether they will be charged or sent to bed without their supper.

In addition to the graffiti, Colonial Regional Police are investigating some illegal dumping activity at a cul de sac on Innovation Drive. Two roll offs, consisting of tires, carpet remnants, chairs and other debris, were scattered at the site. Although the owner paid a hauler to remove the material, he paid to have it hauled to a landfill.

Colonial Regional Police are hot on the debris trail.

Blogger's Note: The photo comes from The 20 Most Bizarre Mugshots, Ever.


Anonymous said...


I am pretty sure the fifth mug shot picture, the guy under the man with the Rolie Fingers' mustache, is from NorCo. I think he is from the Bangor area, seriously.

Bernie O'Hare said...

You never know.

Anonymous said...

The photo you used indicates your inner racism.

Anonymous said...

Retired ASD teacher here.

Anonymous 2:27, stop with the racism reference. That's so lame anymore. The refuge of last resort.

Anonymous said...

Why not some big fat redneck photo? You are a profiler BOH.

Anonymous said...

I believe the photo is of our current US President in college. He is half white. The post, and this comment, are only half racist. The race baiters are fully nUtZ, however.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"You are a profiler BOH."

I was expecting that accusation. I posted the funniest mug shot I could find. If I held back bc the person happened to be black, that would be racist.

Anonymous said...

Berni, I love you man. No really, I mean it. I love you man!

Anonymous said...

"That's so lame anymore"

Anymore? What's changed? Racism is dead? THAT is lame.

Anyway, glad to see the rubes in HT busy doing the people's work instead of rolling their eyes at their neighbors' stalled economic development.