Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bethlehem City Council Finance Committee Says No to Bach

Despite a personal appeal by Bach Choir Executive Director Bridget George, Bethlehem City Council's Finance Committee on June 27 unanimously rejected a Mayor John Callahan request that taxpayers fund $5,000 of the $65,000 cost to travel to New York City and perform on 9/11.

Bethlehem's 2011 budget eliminates fifty positions. This includes 3 police officers, 2 firemen and 1.5 housing inspectors. Taxes increased 0.75 mils to pay for a new EMS center after administrators diverted money borrowed for that project to cover operating expenses. Police officers are currently seeking private donations to cover the $12,000 cost and training of a K-9 dog to replace Madjo, a 13-year veteran. Under these circumstances, City Council members were unable to justify the $5,000 expense.

Business Administrator Dennis Reichard urged approval, arguing that $5,000 was just 7.7% of the budget.

Conceding that "we are certainly lucky to have the Bach Choir," Finance Chair J. Willie Reynolds nevertheless opposed the grant. "I don't think it's the right time for the City to be spending this $5,000." Reynolds' comments were echoed by Dave DiGiacinto, Eric Evans and Council President Bob Donchez.


Zorn said...

of course wee willy rubber stamp reynolds and i've been part of the problem for 16 years donchez were against this. they are both up for reelection and it's getting very close to november.

put real people instead of union sshool teachers on council.

Anonymous said...


So you would have voted to spend $5k on a private organization's jaunt to NYC?

Next thing you know, anybody and everybody will want tax dollars for getaways...

Some "real people" like you are simpletons, idiot!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Johnny Casino could have gotten sponsors for this instead of trying to kick Bethlehem taxpayers in the shorts to further is political career.

He's learning well from the Obama/Biden/Reid/Pelosi wing - whenever you have a chance, stick it to a taxpayer.

Anonymous said...

I am just in total shock that the council said no to Callahan.
Callahan for Northampton Couny Exec!

Lehigh County Resident.

Anonymous said...

Rubberstamp Reynolds is up for re-election. He will prostitute his vote, as he has done with this issue. He is slimy, like JC.

rabbi filmem said...
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