Saturday, July 25, 2009

Why Congress Needs More Time to Digest Legislation

Congressman Charlie Dent notices the complete absence of hydrogen as a possible "clean" fuel.


lighthouse said...

Well, I see that over the past few days Callahan has been getting his press in print and TV about his big "announcement."

As one Democrat, I will still support Dent over Callahan any day.

Anonymous said...

Right outhouse. Like you support any Democrate bnesides Stoffa. Since he is owned by the Republican Party that hardly counts.

Anonymous said...

If Callahan goes pro national healthcare, I'm leaving Dent in the dust.

Anonymous said...

If Callahan goes pro national healthcare, you and Callahan are going to be the ones left in the dust.

Anonymous said...

This video is just another example of Charlie being on the ball when it comes to an important issue for his District.

Anonymous said...

I read Dents lips he really said, " Ah, Mr. Chairman those are my Dorritos on the table."

Jacob said...

Air Products is in his district. Whether Hydrogen is a legit alternative fuel is a debate that should be had but it should be based on Science not who has a corporation in their district.

Bernie O'Hare said...

I see. Dent should avoid all discussion of hydrogen as an alternative fuel bc Air Products is in his district. Are you out of your mind?

Anonymous said...

Jacob said...
Air Products is in his district. Whether Hydrogen is a legit alternative fuel is a debate that should be had but it should be based on Science not who has a corporation in their district.

3:46 AM

So, to follow Jacob's theory, no politician should ever speak of protecting forests.

Jacob said...


I'm happy he is talking about alternative fuels but the reason he is talking about it, isn't to do with his concern for the environment. If you represent NY I'm sure you have concern over the banking industry.

Its just the way the system works. All politics at the end of the day is local.

I assure you whoever represents the 15th in the next congress will have a passion for Hydrogen Fuel.

Jacob said...

I.E speaking up for an industry in you district isn't exactly a profile in courage. It is what it is.

As for the forest question, depends if you have a logging interest in your area.

All politics is local. Whoever wins whether it be John or Charlie I assure you Hydrogen fuel will be on their lips. Its not even a debatable issue.

Bernie O'Hare said...


Either you're happy that he is talking about hydrogen fuel or you're not. Now you claim to be thrilled, but in your previous comment you claimed the debate over hydrogen should be based on science. Which is it?

Dent has long been a hydrogen and alternative fuel advocate. He has proposed turning Rte 78 into a "hydrogen highway." He advocates consideration of compressed natural gas in transportation as well as expanding the consideration of nuclear sources for our other energy needs.

If you want to limit discussion until the science is clear, you'd have to stop consideration of most alternative sources of energy.

And yes, Air Products is in Charlie Dent's district so his position on hydrogen (He chairs the hydrogen fuel caucus) happens to correspond with the needs of the people who work there.

Perhaps you'd prefer to see more layoffs until the science is in, too.

You were just looking for an opportunity to take a shot, and this is in a post that shows what happens when a majority attempts to ram legislation down our throats with no consideration. If you advocate good government instead of just looking for an excuse to slam Dent, you'd see that.

Anonymous said...

I don't like Dent but it's nice to see Republicans talking about alternative fuel instead of how to enrich the oil dynasties as they have for the last eight years.

Anonymous said...

Boy does he talk fast. His lips can't even keep up with the audio.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Dent does talk fast. I've noticed that in debates, too. I suspect that his time is always limited by debates or in House speeches, so he tries to cram as much information as he can possibly get into whatever he does say.

Anonymous said...

Attention Norco and Lehico Commissioners and Councilpeople: Notice....Dent is being filmed. All confirmations suggest Dent survived this filming. No harm was done to him, his family or any animals.. Do not fear webcasts. They do not steal your soul or cause cancer. Plus, as this instance shows, you might be beneficially caught for eternity in the act of doing or saying something intelligent or helpful to your constituents, as Dent did in this clip. Do not fear modern techology that was invented over 100 years ago.

The LORD is for me; I will not fear;
What can man do to me?
Psalm 118:6 New American Standard Bible

Anonymous said...

Seems like Dent is playing up for his real representatives Air Products. The core of that company needs some real changes. Phony publicity if you ask me.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure one of Air Products attorneys called up and made a big stink over it. After all they probable wrote the bill. Ooohhh Charlie is very impressive. NOT!

Anonymous said...

Charlie is a tool.

Air Products is planning on backing away from their Hydrogen Fuel cell vehicle initiative but they are letting Charlie be the last one to know about it. If he can get them one lat bone why not let him.

The nation knows hydrogen fuels cells are not a true energy alternative. You use more energy creating the hydrogen than you would just burning gasoline in your car or any other fuel for that matter.

This just makes Charlie look stupid.

Anonymous said...

Jacob be careful you are messing with a grade a mancrush in Charlie Dent. When Callahan cleans his clock next year Bernie will be crying in his non-alcholic beer.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Callahan is a first tier candidate, without question. This post has NOTHING to do w/ him, but is about what happens when a bill is rushed without giving people the time to look it over.

As far as Dent being a "tool" is concerned, I could use a drawer full of tolls like him. He is a good Congressman who has been reelected twice. In the next race, Obama's popularity will be ebbing, the Rs will capture the governor's seat again and Dent will win. He will win bc he appeals to LV voters, who are mostly centrist and are turned off by the mean-spirited slams coming from partisans on either side of the aisle.

Anonymous said...

Ah, Callahan, Bennett, Dertinger, whoever, whatever.

Charlie's a good guy. He'll do okay.

lighthouse said...

Is your new quote from Luther in response to a quote I just saw on another blog? If "reason" equals "whore", then his new quote could be re-read "BlogReason for Dent".

Bernie O'Hare said...

Yes it is, and I'll have a little more to say very soon.

ironpigpen said...

Hey pro-health care people

Have you seen the actual legislation or is it partisan politics?

If you are truly pro-health care, explain the "MANDATORY END OF LIFE COUNSELING" provision please.

Seriously. It's in there.

Then please move into the "MANDATORY PARENTAL COUNSELING" please. The Federal Government will evaluate your parenting skills and act accordingly.

Seriously. You guys are REALLY ready for THAT???

Then please answer, seriously, of course ---

How do YOU feel YOUR money going to AT LEAST 12 million illegal aliens for THEIR "right" to health care?

You pro-care people DO KNOW EXACTLY what's in the legislation, right?

Or, maybe it is not even WRITTEN YET, like last time, eh?

(That was pretty sad, admit it. Not reading stuff would be one thing. That was just downright disgraceful, not even bothering to WRITE THE LAW BEFORE PASSING IT and anyone who CANNOT admit that, well, you have to look at yourself in the mirror everyday, not me.)


An excellent insight into the real thoughts of a guy sitting in Wright's church all those years???

Don't worry - Obama will "recalibrate" and his people will "walk this back" once the teleprompter is back up and running :)

ironpigpen said...

Oh yeah, most importantly

Anybody have a REAL plan to PAY for ALL of THIS CONTINUED SPENDING SPREE? (Obama has spent FOUR TIMES AS MUCH AS ALL US PRESIDENTS COMBINED - you guys are okay with that?)

Do you guys still believe in "tax breaks for 95% of all Americans mantra"?

Notice how the word "choice" has disappeared from Obama's vocabulary when speaking of health care and now the only word you hear out of his mouth is "keep"?

How many of you TRULY believe you will be ABLE to keep anything?

How many of you are small business owners?

BTW - Tough week in Afghanistan. When does Obama's Army come home? How much is that costing? It's OBAMA's TAB NOW!

Bernie O'Hare said...


Everybody is pro-health care. The question is whether we are willing to incur a $1 trillion deficit for yet another spending program that may ultimately fail. We are not ready in my view, and that's simply bc things are being done too quickly and without listening to each other.

You do a pretty poor job of listening yourself. You seem to take every opportunity to just launch a vicious attack on Obama and have been lashing out at my readers. You make claims that you do not back up w/ links. I have had to delete some of your comments that just went into some bizarre tirade about the revolutionary war and that even began to attack my readers. I have sent an email to Ironpigpen and have no answer. So I'm not even sure who yu are.

Anonymous said...

Ironpigpen would benefit from Obama's demand of mental health coverage.