Thursday, July 30, 2009

True Grit

I'm taking a break from politis today to brag about my grandson. Fortunately for him, he's not biologically related to me, so I really can't take any credit for any of his adventures, but I do anyway. I actually learn quite a bit from this 9 year-old. Indulge me, and let me tell you the latest.

As most of you know, Dat is a three-sport jock. This summer, he played on two baseball teams and two basketball teams. Last Sunday, he finally finished his last baseball tournament of the season, playing three games in one day under a hot sun. But by Monday night, he was playing basketball at Allentown's Cedar Beach. It was a tough and very physical game, with the lead going back and forth. Dat was banged around quite a bit on his way down the macadam court and fouled repeatedly.

At one point, while he was getting ready to make a foul shot, he looked like he was in agony. I shouted out, "Are you OK, Dat?" He just shook his head yes. Later in the game, making another foul shot, he had that same look on his face, but I got the same short answer to the same question.

Once the game was over, I went over to see him, thinking that one of his spills on the court must have hurt him. That was when I saw his little finger, swollen about three times its normal size. Right before leaving for basketball, he had been playing tackle football with some of his friends and had injured himself. Kids came flying into the house to ask for ice, but his mom thought they just wanted ice water. Dat said nothing.

As it develops, Dat played an entire basketball game with a broken finger. He even managed somehow to score the winning points.

Once his finger heals, he'll be putting on his shoulder pads. In the meantime, I finally have a chance to beat him at Par 3 golf.


Anonymous said...

Very cute kid. But could the camera be any farther away or the picture any blurrier?

Bernie O'Hare said...

My hands shake too much.

Joe Hilliard said...

Dat displayed courage, conviction and determination. All the qualities that have made a great country composed of many great leaders (and even regular folk).

However, he should also learn a lesson. I had a torn rotator cuff for about six months which affected me but I was too proud (or stupid) to have it looked at. When I did, I needed major surgery and rehab to get it right.

He did the right thing in the short run, but teach him not to ignore things and deal with the long term issues!

But, what a great display of character and dedication and determination. He will succeed at whatever he sets his mind on, even if it is not a succesful career in sports. He displayed great qualities that don't exist in far too many adults.

Anonymous said...

Bernie, you're lucky to have him in your life - continue to enjoy!

The Banker

Anonymous said...

Bernie....are there any " par 3" or "chip and putt" golf courses as I used to call them around here anymore? I'd love to take my 8 year old but can't seem to find any. There used to be one on RT. 309 in Quakertown ( Melody Lakes) but that is gone and of course the one in Dorneyville is LONG gone.

Anonymous said...

You are a good pop-pop Bernie.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Anon 8:57, There are two we hit a lot. The first is called Mulligan's and it's located in Whitehall, not far from Hitter's Edge. It's a nice golf grange and there is mini golf, too. The par 3 course is very nice. The second is at the driving range on Sullivan trail in Forks. It's not so nice as Mulligan's and uses artificial Ts.

Anonymous said...

Did he pick a name for the new bat you gave him last winter?

Bernie O'Hare said...

Blue Meanie, one of the names suggested here. It was a good bat.

Anonymous said...

Par 3 courses, what we used to call "pitch and putts" are hard to find. Some of us remember the one out at Dorney Park, where Office Depot and Carrabas is now. Mulligans is one of thelas tin the LV. There is one down 309 across from Montanas but not sure where else. They are great for developing the short game for youngsters, and adults for that matter. The mini golf course at Mulligans is surprisingly difficult! How many times did you roll a ball up and over a mound with the hole in the middle, or end up past a cup in a trench Bernie?

Anonymous said...

There is a real nice Par-3 course on 309 by New Tripoli. It's part of Olde Homestead Golf Course.

The Banker

Bill Leiner Jr. said...


Thanks for sharing this. He seems like a great kid. Congratulations and keep up the outstanding G Pop work.