Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Pittsburgh Handgun Reporting Ordinance Survives Judicial Challenge

The Allegheny Court of Common Pleas has upheld Pittsburgh’s lost or stolen handgun reporting ordinance, rejecting a challenge from NRA-backed plaintiffs. In a ruling released Tuesday, Judge Stanton Wettick concluded those who challenged the ordinance failed to show they suffered any actual harm and hence lack standing.

Although gun control advocates have hailed the decision, the ruling fails to address the ordinance on the merits. It simply follows a similar ruling from the Commonwealth Court concerning Philadelphia’s lost or stolen handgun reporting ordinance.

Allentown, Reading, Pottsville, Pittsburgh, Lancaster, Harrisburg, Wilkinsburg and Philadelphia have all passed lost or stolen handgun reporting ordinances into law in recent months.

“With this ruling, I would anticipate that more and more municipalities across Pennsylvania will adopt lost and stolen handgun reporting, which gives further impetus for the General Assembly to pass this reform statewide,” said State Representative David K. Levdansky (D- Allegheny/Washington).

Phil Goldsmith, CeaseFirePA president, adds that “Gun violence is a statewide problem – not just a city problem, and the issue of reporting lost or stolen handguns to the police must be resolved by the Pennsylvania General Assembly. This decision today reaffirms our position. Our focus remains the same - to bring this growing, statewide coalition of cities, towns, Mayors, City Council members, police chiefs, faith leaders, and citizens to the General Assembly to demand that they pass lost or stolen handgun reporting as a common sense reform to protect every Pennsylvanian.”

Now excuse me while I go look for my howitzer. I'm always losing the damn keys.


RS said...

You can tell this is an old picutre. The nuns are young.

Anonymous said...

hey bernie, what's with the theme of gun topics? Kinda intense coming from you. Are you starting to get a little nervous that Angle might actually follow through on one of his threats?

Can't wait to hear your take on Calahan getting ready to take on Dent. The guy is a top tier a candidate as you are going to find around here. Political geeks just got a wet mark on their pants.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Lots of stuff happening on that front this week. Hence, the coverage.

I'm not convinced Callahan will run. In fact, I'm less and less convinced every day.

Anonymous said...,0,619679.story

I guess we'll have to wait and see, but if he wasn't, he would have returned a comment.

Bernie O'Hare said...

I'm aware of Josh's story. A similar story has run here and at a few other places. I personally think Callahan is going to stay where he is. If he were really interested in the job, wouldn't he be defining himself more, speaking out on the issues? And just who are these "sources"? They want to remain anonymous bc Callahan has not yet made up his mind. The only thing I fimd interesting is that no second or third tier candidate has announced, so I think Callahan is still mulling it over but will decide NO. We'll see.

ironpigpen said...

When asked a question regarding a critical component of HR BILL 3200 Section 102 (Health Care Reform) and the reporter asks point blank, "Is this true"

The smartest President in the History of the United Statees, BARRACK HUSSEIN OBAMA says yesterday:

"I am not familiar with that part of the bill"



"This isn't about me!" Obama



Anonymous said...

I was just happy to read more than one article on the front page of MC about local and state politics - not one story about an animal! GO MC!

ironpigpen said...

You are a lawyer, O'Hare.

You know the law, getting tossed to PRACTICE from a state bar does not toss the law KNOWLEDGE out of your head

You can honestly say you have approved of Obama's governance according TO THE LAW in his first six months?

It was predicatable Obama would behave this way - he is an Alinsky-wannabe

You honestly think Obama follows the LAW or he is a bully dictator, O'Hare?


Obama 10th of 12

(Obviously a propaganda poll concocted by Repuglicans)

Anonymous said...

ironpigpen--making the right look nutty! keep on workin' it buddy. maybe next you'll go on a rant about the fake birth certificate.

Joe Hilliard said...

This ruling will be tossed by the PA Supreme Court. Philly went through the same process and lost in front of the Supreme Court.

Joe Hilliard said...

And let's focuse our resources on legal guns owned by law abiding citizens.

BUT, let's not 'waste' won minute of law enforcement time arresting and deporting illegal aliens who commit criminal acts.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Joe, I don't know what you're smoking, but Philly's gun ordinance made it thru Commonwealth Court.

As far as illegals go, you sat in on Dent's town meeting, in which he stated that it's pretty hard to deport an illegal alien to a country that won't accept him. What are we supposed to do, shoot them?

Bernie O'Hare said...

Ironpigpen, One word, dude. Valium.

Anonymous said...

Yo Pigpen, have you been drinking from the same glass as O'Hare? You have gone off the deep end, Dude! I mean everyone knows O'Hare is crazy but you may have gone beyond that benchmark into area's no man has gone before.

Anonymous said...

Callahan will run. He is as pretty as Dent and prettier than Sam Bennett.

It should get interesting. I can't wait to see which o'Hare mancrush comes out ahead. bernnie loves Dent, but he has had his eye on Callahan.

Anonymous said...

Callahan is a rank amateur bs politician. Dent will kick his butt.He only cost the citizens 8 million with one poor decision in Bethlehem how much will he cost us in Washington ?

Anonymous said...

Ah come anon 11:37, he comes out of the famous Hickey stable, he must be good.

Anonymous said...

These are the Sisters of Perpetual Flatulence. I remember them well.