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Monday, February 08, 2016

Timeclock Installed at NorCo Courthouse

Timeclocks are rather commonplace at many places with large workforces. Northampton County is no exception, and both jail and Gracedale employees are required to punch in and out at the beginning and end of their work day. But there has never been a timeclock at the courthouse. Until now. Northampton County's new Human Resources Director, Amy Trapp, recently installed one in the hallway outside of her office.

Trapp, who is only using it for employees in her department at this point, states the timeclock will "maximize efficiency" and reduce paperwork.

Under the current system, every department head must fill out time sheets for every employee, which takes away from other responsibilities. In addition, it leads to human error. One department head actually stands at the door and notes each employee as he or she comes in. A timeclock is more accurate and actually less intrusive, Trapp argues.

When software is used in tandem with the clock, it increases employee satisfaction because they can access an online portal to see sick, vacation, and or hours worked. That way, they know where they are at any point in time during the pay period at their convenience rather than having to ask to see their paper or go to the time keeper.

Time clocks make payroll processing easieras well. The information from the time clocks feeds directly into Kronos, a software program, which assists in the accuracy of payroll processing.

Certain times can be coded for special pay and/or overtime because schedules are usually programmed into the clocks.

Time clocks can simplify life for employees – if they go to multiple locations they can punch in anywhere rather than have to return to a central location to punch out. Additionally, it will track things like shift swaps, or assign hours to specific tasks making it much more convenient.

They also can simplify multi location time keeping – Gracedale payroll can be automatically transmitted to the courthouse to fiscal affairs as all information is processed centrally there.

Although this practice has no application to other departments at the courthouse campus, Trapp said she is "leading from the front."

One person who will not be following that lead is Controller Steve Barron, who was unaware of the timeclocks. He called it a "logistical nightmare" for his professional staff, who sometimes start their days with outside audits. He also questioned the need for a timeclock or paper for many clerical employees who can be tracked the moment they log into their computers with the VoIP system.

Barron suggested that Kronos, a software product associated with VoIP, can monitor an employee's time and attendance and generate reports without the need for a timeclock or department head.

This system is currently being used to track Public Works employees, although it is unclear whether it is fully operational.

It is unknown how much was spent for this single timeclock or whether it is biometric.


Anonymous said...

got to keep the worthless union pukes honest

Anonymous said...

If she is only having the system for her department, as of right now, why are other departments being questioned for the system and profiles are being set up for individuals in departments that are not HR. Especially before the system has not been installed yet.

Anonymous said...

Well, workers who show up early and leave late every day should demand OT pay after the time clock reports come out. More attempts to micromanage the workforce by Brownie and his Blundering Herd of clueless flunkies. If there was no problem with people's time and attendance, why fix it?

Bernie O'Hare said...

Because other departments will be encouraged to use it, i believe.

Dreaming of Justice said...

Kronos certainly isn't cheap but it is used widely in private industry, where metrics of efficiency are traditionally better accounted for.

Anonymous said...

Time clocks are old school, more appropriate in a factory setting. Not surprised since Brown and his minions look at county employees as if they are machine parts.

Anonymous said...

I normally come in early everyday and once or twice a week stay late without getting paid. I don't have a problem at all giving a little time. Guess now they will just have to pay me overtime or not get the extra time. Good for me.

Anonymous said...

Don't discriminate! Prison and Gracedale employees have time clocks so all other County Employees should also have time clocks!