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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

U Mt Bethel Supervisor Evicting Waitress With Valid Lease

Dennis Jones is in a bit of hot water with his fellow Upper Mount Bethel Supervisors right now. He directed a contractor to complete work on a Township building that was about $4,000 more (about 45%) than had been authorized by the Board. Since Jones had apparent authority to order this work done, I think the Township has to pay. But they also could and probably will surcharge him personally. He exceeded his authority. He exceeds his authority in other areas as well.

Jonesie is a regular at a local diner. He spends hours there, scrolling up and down on his iPhone, trying to be just a little too friendly with the waitresses, as is the habit with old farts. In January, he rented out an apartment to one of them for just $600 a month. There was supposed to be a $600 security deposit, but he waived it. I have a copy of the lease.

A few months later, he gave his tenant a new lease. Suddenly, he wants $1,000 a month and a security deposit. But she already has a valid lease for $400 less a month.

Because she refused to sign a new lease and pay nearly twice the rent agreed, Jones has had his attorney draw up and serve her with a "Notice to Quit," which is worthless. I doubt he bothered to tell his lawyer that she already has a valid lease.

This is a man who exceeds his authority. Amazingly, he is running for re-election.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like he expected some gratis desert and he didn't' get it.

Anonymous said...

I can guess what desert he thought he might get for a discount rent.

Harry Photang

Anonymous said...

You missed that fact that his nickname is "CREEPER" by the young girl staff. Ask him about a tv, loaning money, a car, wearing friendship rings, matching sweat shirts and most recently sneakers.... and the list goes on with his "gifts" to these disadvantaged young girls. The creeper has not only creeped them at work but after hours off premise too. His own children are older then these girls. What makes a 60 year old man old enough to be there grandfather act out this way? He slithers around the back of the diner stalking his prey over time with this young staff. The creeper needs to creep someplace else and RESIGN AS SUPERVISOR as your not morally fit to hold an office representing us as an elected Township Supervisor. Your bringing embarrassment to your wonderful wife and family, yourself and this community. Get take out, get a dog for friendship, and stay at home and stop the creepy. GET SOME MENTAL HELP FOR GODS SAKES, and OUT of PUBLIC OFFICE before you end up being someones girlfriend and have a creeper of your own in jail!

Anonymous said...

This is so Gross. Old man, gifts to young girls... just EWWW!

Anonymous said...

This girl they are talking about in the article is beautiful, bright, funny, wonderful waitress who does not deserve any of this. She has been nothing but nice and understanding with all these men and never gave anyone the idea she wanted anything from anyone. She sees the good in people and for that people take advantage of her. This is sad, and Dennis Jones should feel horrible for what he is doing to her. God bless her and I wish her nothing but the best. Get away from that "creep".

Anonymous said...

A few years ago a waitress had an apartment by my house just off 512 in East Bangor. We would see him drive by in his truck 5 an 6 times a day and go by real slow looking at the place. I never new why he was so fascinated, she was a homely thing, but I guess he is not fussy.

Bastard said...

he told the girls he's done a lot for the township. That's like saying John Wayne Gacy always made it to work on time.

Anonymous said...

Is that a photo of Dennis in drag?
Wakka wakka