Monday, November 07, 2011

Anatomy of the Simao Smears

It all started a few weeks ago. Anonymous comments from "Seamus," a Mayor John Callahan sycophant, and others began appearing on this blog, suggesting that one of Bethlehem's City Council Republican Council candidates had bounced a check. The source of this accusation is none other than Joe Kelly, who just happens to be Mayor Callahan's right-hand man. In addition, a few hints were dropped here and there about a candidate's sexual orientation. These comments never named the Republican in question, so the effect was to smear all of them.

Though they kept popping up like dandelions, I deleted these anonymous accusations. Just as every dog is entitled to one bite, I believe every person is entitled to one bounced check. So although I have very low standards, I'd have to see more than one four year old bounced check charge, before concluding someone is financially irresponsible. And the lifestyle smear was obviously designed to stir up the gay bashers..

After failing with me, the information was next fed to blogger Jonathan Geeting, who dutifully lapped up every last drop of bullshit. Without even bothering to contact Tony Simao, the Republican candidate in question, he posted a link to a 2007 bad check charge brought against a "Tony Simao" with a different birth date, and one that was never even served. In fact, the case was listed inactive.

But even Geeting, useful idiot that he is for Team Callahan, was reluctant to get into Tony's sexual orientation. "Heh. Wasn't going to touch this," he chuckles when word finally leaked. It might alienate him with his pals in the LGBT crowd, and would surely establish his hypocrisy in supporting a goofy and unworkable "human rights" ordinance in Bethlehem.

Enter Walt Garvin, Northampton County Dem boss. He could play gay basher, and did, by going to the Express Times to pretend he's concerned about Simao's "incredibly poor judgment" in uploading a photo of his gentitals on the Internet, even though that's never really been established. Of course, Garvin's real motive was to expose Simao as gay.

How do I know this? I have the email from Mike Recchiuti, a Democratic City Council candidate trying to dirty up Simao. Here's what he said when he made his great discovery, in an email to Patrick Price and J. Willie Reynolds, who recently voted for Bethlehem's new human rights ordinance. You know, the one that supposedly outlaws discriminating against someone who is gay.
From: Michael Recchiuti
Date: Mon, Sep 12, 2011 at 2:51 PM
Subject: Simao
To: Patrick Price , Willie Reynolds

Check out the opposition research I did on Simao today....Anthony
Wiener has nothing on this guy...
1. ; (nothing bad, just funny)
2. (do not open at work....yes it is what you think it is)
3. ; (do not open at work...more of the previous link, plus his favorite gay porn videos and photos)
Note: These were found using his lehighvalleylive user id (abel1976) and googling it with keywords (pa, bethlehem, gay, homosexual).
Not sure how we can use it.
Why would Recchiuti google Simao's user name, using accompanying terms like "gay" and "homosexual"? Obviously, Recchiuti was more interested in Tony's sexual orientation than his judgment. Like a typical gay basher, he chuckles that one site is "just funny" whle another lists all of Tony's "favorite gay pron videos and photos."

Interestingly, neither The Express Times nor The Morning Call ran a story about Simao's bullshit bad check charge. And The Morning Call, like me, refused to buy the "poor judgment" argument offered by Garvin, the homopobic Chair of the Northampton County Democratic Party.

The Morning Call did run a story about arguably anti-Hispanic comments made by Simao, who himself happens to be Portugese. Once again, Norco Dem Bossman Walt Garvin played the heavy.

Who was really behind this smear? Once again, it was Democratic Council candidate Michael Recchiuti. He told me he had run a "similar search" and discovered that Simao "has made racist comments about the Latino population in Bethlehem — many of the same people he wants to represent."

Simao himself is Hispanic. What he was saying is that his fellow Hispanics need to start taking care of their own business. It's no different than what Bill Cosby has said about his fellow blacks.

As The Morning Call refused to go along with the "poor judgment" story, The Express Times refused to go with charge that Simao, a Hispanic, is somehow anti-Hispanic.

But the damage is done. Tony is toast, if he ever had a chance in the first place. My main concern was for Tony himself, who has been rattled by an orchestrated smear campaign from Team Callahan, in the closing days of the campaign.

I was going to chalk it up when Donald Flad decided to speak out. Donald is concerned about the gay smear, more so than the other stuff.
I do not care to whom a candidate or an office holder shows his dick. As long it is consenting.
How does this photo op in any way impact on the way police protect my street, how my leaves are picked up, and how many tourists come to town to support our small business people (Hell it may even help).
Donald's view, minus the "dick" remark, appears to be shared by City Council President Bob Donchez, who is running for re-election, too. "I want to stick to the issues," he told The Morning Call.

Incredibly, Geeting tries to throw it all back on Simao's lap, accusing him of having played the "gay card." Geeting should be a little more concerned about his own poor judgment and lack of basic decency in running a smear without even bothering to talk to his target, especially since he got his information from Team Callahan. Once again, Donald explains Garvin's real motives.
"Garvin brought this issue up to ensure the conservative voters of this city knew Simao was gay and horrors on horrors tried to pick up other young men via the scary interwebs by showing his dick.
Tony didn’t play the gay card Walt Garvin did."

And who is the puppet master pulling Garvin's strings? John Callahan and his cronies.


Anonymous said...

O'Hare this is standard Long Dem/Callahan Clan operations. check out his inner circle, they have no morals. That is why you have terrible Dem office holders like Reynolds, Barron and company. Soon more will be in office.

While I don't approve of Simao's posting the pictures, gay or straight the action is stupid, still the outing smells of hypocrisy. Particularly when it would have taken a miracle for any Republican to win. That was done as a death blow and was just pure mean spirited.

Reading Rechutti's email was sickening. This is the character of people running the city of Bethlehem.

With all the smart. classy and moral people living in Bethlehem this is what we get representing us. We are now worse than the Slate Belt and should as citizens be ashamed of ourselves for voting for such despicable characters.

Anonymous said...

given the basic parameters of the scandal, could you have chosen a different title than "anatomy"

Zorn said...

and the blind bethlum sheep will press the dem buttons and return to their uneducated lives as the mushrooms they are.

Anonymous said...

i really don't get this as a gay smear. why does rechutti mention weiner, a hetero, in his email, if it's all about the gay?

fact is bern, this IS monumentally poor judgment. you just don't tun for office without cleaning this stuff up.

and it also appears you've let your distaste for callahan cloud your own judgment, or you'd see that. moreover, this guy has allegedly made racist comments too? come're bending over backwards to rationalize his behavior. any other set of circumstances, you'd be letting him have it.

Anonymous said...

If you go back and look at the tapes, I merely asked if you did opp research on the guys you were representing because of all the email traffic I was getting. Once you said you did I said ok and stopped posting about it completely. Everyone knew the birth date was different, that was obvious, but other details sure point in his direction. As far as the nude stuff it's really bad judgment, but if your ok with it that's your business. Gay or straight matters not. I have many gay friends and have no issues with alternative lifestyles We are Dems and have a big tent that allows for all.

For you to say the pictures and stuff were never proven is disingenuous as many of us have seen it, and there is no way you didn't. Even he did not deny it.

Apparently you did not do the opp research you state that you do on all candidates...


Anonymous said...

Have to agree with 6:08 a.m.

Gay or straight, the conduct is an indisputable example of selfishness and poor judgement.

Is Simao that big a loser that he has to resort to advertising his goods on the internet? Can't meet someone and develop a relationship? Or are you saying gays aren't capable of anything other than this type of social interaction?

You can twist it about being gay, but many already knew he was gay and were still supporting him.

This is exactly an A.W. moment, and people who behave this recklessly have no place in positions of public trust.

Doesn't, for a minute, mean change isn't desperately needed in Bethlehem. Unfortunately, that can't happen when the change option is someone who says all the right things but proves to lack good judgement and character.

The messenger may be a piece of sheit, but the message delivered is still one that needed to be on the table for consideration by those who would be governed.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Jon Geeting, I am uninterested in the justification of someone who would smear a candidate without even making an effort to talk to him. You are part of the slime machine yourself.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"nd it also appears you've let your distaste for callahan cloud your own judgment,"

Really? Donald Flad is a big Callahan supporter and feels the same way as I do about the gay smear. I agree poor judgment was used, but the poor judgement was the attempt to make an issue out of someone's sexual orientation.

Anonymous said...

I'm a lifelong Dem and I'm saddenned to see this race go in this direction..Bethlehem races have usually stayed above this type of crap. With the Democratic registration in Bethlehem there is absolutely no reason to go into the gutter. None ..Zip...There hasn't been a Republican on Council since Otto Ehrsam and none have been any closer to winning than a few thousand votes away..Why this happened, I'm not sure but I hope it doesnt set a precedent in Bethlehem politics..

Anonymous said...

What-Am-Gettings-From-Big-Government? now posts as 'Anonymous' here?

That qualifies as news and is very, very interesting.

Hopefully you will enjoy some pleasant weather up there in NYC today, Mr. Lehigh Valley "Independent"!



Anonymous said...

"Really? Donald Flad is a big Callahan supporter and feels the same way as I do about the gay smear. I agree poor judgment was used, but the poor judgement was the attempt to make an issue out of someone's sexual orientation."

see, this just isn't about gay. it's about nude pics on the 'net, and the accompanying poor judgment it took to leave them there.

no matter how much you're trying to turn this back on those who exposed it, the responsibility lies with the candidate himself.

Bernie O'Hare said...

No, this is on the mud hurlers. They tried everything from bad checks to racism to gay bashing. They checked him out using terms like "gay" and "homosexual," not "poor judgment." This is gaybashing from the very people who pontificated about Bethlehem's Human Rights ordinance. They are phonies.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:55, have to agree. Problem is the Callahan Clan now owns Bethlehem. The Sands has ensured that as have a few well heeled developers.

The city was sold years ago. The lace curtains are starting to fade and the neighborhoods are starting to wither.

Within a few years you will see the same urban flight as in the other two holes of a city in the Lehigh Valley. Allentown and Easton stink and Bethlehem is right behind them.

The town has become a real life version of the "Price is Right".

As to good people running, that has occured, you have had people run, even as Democrats, but the game is rigged in Bethlehem and that is basically that. It will be hard to get good people to run in the city as they know the score.

Anonymous said...

"They tried everything from bad checks to racism"

welcome to politics...and it's nothing different than you'd do to anyone who ran against ron.

and maybe the terms "hay" appeared in the search because they knew he had posted them on gay sites. it's a search term, no matter how desperately you's wish it otherwise

Anonymous said...

Funny. Who gave a fuck that Anthony Weiner was straight before he was ousted from Congress?

Orientation is meaningless except for the sick bastards that used it to discover the pics. The pics unto themselves are reason not to vote for this guy.

What political candidate has survived naked photos on the internet? None that I recall.

People who do it are dumb and without judgement.

Anonymous said...

No, this is on the mud hurlers. They tried everything from bad checks to racism to gay bashing. They checked him out using terms like "gay" and "homosexual," not "poor judgment." This is gaybashing from the very people who pontificated about Bethlehem's Human Rights ordinance. They are phonies.

Charge 1: This is politics. Mud hurling? Um, yeah, this is politics. Duh.

Charge 2: Yes, the asshats that uncovered the photos were looking for gay dirt. But what they found was general dirt. Naked photos on the net. I don't believe I ever saw them posted as evidence of a gay lifestyle. In fact, the only time I ever found out the candidate was gay was through your own jabbering. Good job.

Can you post something where the phonies actually bashed gays? I'm being open-minded here but I'm not seeing it.

Anonymous said...

Bernie has done a good job pointing out the Hypocrisy of the mud slingers. To them, homosexuals are a wedge. They think that because they are liberals they can use gays. If it were others who performed those searchs or forwarded what they found in the manner that they did to the papers, they'd see why it was objectively wrong. But, they've blinded themselves. Politics.

Anonymous said...

Remember, the Callahan Clan and Long Dem's see nothing as immoral or unethical in their quest for political power. They will destroy you and sell your carcass.

They are more dangerous than Ron Angle. They are quiet and sly and strike from behind.

This was not a surprise to anyone who knows these people and their underground network of hacks.

The Democratic party needs a general housecleaning, especially in Bethlehem.

Zorn said...

rechutti mrntioned what callahan told him to mention.

seamus - get you nose out of callahan's butt and wake up to the truth

the callahan clan are nothing but power hungry sluts

Anonymous said...

Interesting Seamus that you state that you have seen the pics and know that they are Simao. So, you know him well I see. Or, you can determine it is him based on following him around?

Anonymous said...

Seamus is Joe and yes his noose is dark

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the D's researched their opposition better than the opposition researched themselves.

Simao made the blunder here. Nowhere in the email does it gay bash. Using identifiers to find information about people is not the same thing as homophobia.

Anonymous said...

Instead of celebrating diversity, they wanted to use sexuality as a weapon to destroy someone with. That's hypocrisy. To gin up others' prejudices is shameful and obvious to anyone who still has a conscience and reads this blog.

Zorn said...

callahan's clan must be scared.they throw bs to hide their own sins

Anonymous said...

Hey moron, I'm not joe... Do I agree with everything the Mayor does, absolutely not. Do I speak on it on here, yes. Read old posts. I said I saw the photos and that Simao did not deny them. I have no idea if it's him or not, but it is apparently so. My goal is to offer diversity of opinion, not "rubber stamp" anyone. I do respect people who stand up and put themselves in a position to make the hard decisions (no puns there). Its a tough gig to make a decision that you can justify as the best for the city and or the residents when you know it's unpopular. I give credit where credit is due and give my opinions on issues, thats all. I have stated many times I am friends with the administration and people in it, but am my own entity.


Donald said...

I agree that it was very poor judgement on Simao's part and not having the pictures taken down long before he ran for office show a real lack of political savvy.

I had no intention of voting for Mr. Simao with or without this issue. The racist comments his crappy internet ads and his affiliation with the tea party took care of that.

What prompted my reaction is that a Gay candidates sexuality is always made an issue but straight candidates sexuality is not.

And that I find this type of opposition campaigning is really distasteful and I opposed when Newt Gingrich used to do it and I oppose when Walt Garvin does it.

Anonymous said...

Agree Donald. this is the type of thing the Callahan Clan endorses. Walt Garvin loved playing up the "gay website" angle. Disgusting behavior.

Anonymous said...

If Seamus isn't Kelly then it's very likely it's Wee Willy. The Rubberstamp himself would point out that he is a friend of the administration but not part of it. The one comment made by Seamus about seeing dozens of emails but doing nothing with them was the same comment Wee Willy made to the press.

Donald said...

I am unwilling to blame John Callahan for Mr. Garvin.

Anonymous said...

Garvin,like his mentor,Long is a stooge for the real power.

Anonymous said...

As if Bernie hasn't allowed his blog to be used for implying people are effeminate because they lisp, or suggesting weirdly and grotesquely what happens between men wearing kilts. And so on. It's a long list.

It's also alright for Bernie to troll and use photos already on the internet for his own ends (no pun intended).

Clean up your own act, Bernie, before criticising others.

Bernie O'Hare said...

I do not use the kilt pictures to imply Barron is effeminate, but use them bc he wears them, and I think he looks funny when he does. As for the lisp, I have never attacked that, although others have done so. Basically, I attack Barron bc he has needlessly politicized his office, is inexperienced and has an incredible ego that is almost as large as his kilt.

Anonymous said...

Bernie, we all know you could have deleted the gratuitous blogs, designed for nothing but the smearing or humiliation of sdomeone you don't approve of. Angle or Dent wouldn't have suffered that fate whatever they did. This leaves you in the position of partisan, and a partisan who complains when the other guy does the same thing that he does is a hypocrite. QED.