Thursday, March 22, 2007

Charges of Political Bias at Morning Call Refuted

On Tuesday, I posted a blog about two Lehigh Valley legislators at the head of their class. They lead the entire state in spending taxpayer money on public service ads. That's an easy way for an incumbent to increase name recognition at our expense.

How did I learn about this? A friend emailed me a link to a story in The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, of all places. I also saw a reference in John Micek's Capitol Ideas, a Morning Call blog. So one of my sources is The Morning Call, like it or not.

After posting my blog, I read all kinds of accusations that The Morning Call was a Republican paper out to suppress this story. It would never see the light of day. I expressed some reservations. But lead prosecutor Bernie Kieklak, who doubles as Lisa Boscola's chief of staff, insists that The Morning Call has an "obvious BIAS against reporting anything negative about any Republican state legislator." He even went so far as to promise to kiss both Ron Angle and Jolly Joe Timmer should the paper ever decide to run a story. Here's just some of what he says.
It would ONLY be news to the Morning Gall IF it involved a Democratic legislator. Charlie Dent could fart tomorrow and he'd get accolades on the front page. If a Dem did that, the paper would blast him or her for causing global warming!

This is not the ONLY time this has happened. This is a pattern that is premeditated and predictable. And it's bullshit. I bet Reichley is laughing his Nazi ass off right now!

I was taught in Journalism School that "Newspapers are the lamps that light the truth." More like lapdogs that lay down and look the other way.

I'll double your bet and raise you! The Morning Gall will NEVER print a single word about Reichley and Harhart's PSAs for this entire year. Double or nothing?
Bernie's a funny and persuasive writer. He's also completely wrong. Here's why. First, in Wednesday's Morning Call, Bill White has a scathing column, branding Doug Reichley as the "Babe Ruth of PSA sluggers." Second, Micek tells me he started writing a story about PSAs last week and intends to finish it. He was disrupted by an unavoidable family emergency. Third, editor Pete Lefler notes The Morning Call has published detailed investigative reports about leadership accounts in 2003 and 2004, when Republicans were in charge.

I've learned to be careful about throwing around media bias charges. A few years ago, antiwar advocates were arrested for handing out leaflets on a public sidewalk near the Palmer post office. Both local papers eloquently condemned these criminal prosecutions, and District Attorney John Morganelli was so moved he dismissed the charges on his own motion. You don't see that every day. That's just one example of the important role an independent press plays in a democracy.

Bernie, pucker up!


Greendogdem said...

The real difference is had it been a democrat it would have been front page story. That went on to several other pages, and would have had several almost demonic looking picture of the culprit. Instead of being stuck in the editorial section.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Greendog, Now who's biased?

Anonymous said...

I'm pleased to see that The Morning Call Girl through its procurer Tracy Jordan has finally begun to publish the truth about the Bushkill Creek Corridor project - the joint public-private-partnership venture of Pennsylvania, Northampton County, the City of Easton, Lafayette College, the Delaware Joint Toll Bridge Commission (DJTBC), Phillipsburg, New Jersey (incorporated into the "Lehigh Valley" based on figures from the federal Office of Management and Budget (OMB) provided by the National Bureau of Census from the year 2000 census), Taggart Associates, the Bushkill Creek Conservancy, and Lafayette College.

Anonymous said...

Within days of Billy Bytes dubbing L. Susan Hunt madam of The Morning Call Girl, prostitute to the "Lehigh Valley's" political johns, she was gone.

Not wanting the negative publicity, the Tribune, the Chicago syndicate that owns 14 whorehouses, from the largest - the Los Angeles Times - to the smallest - The Morning Call Girl - the bosses of the syndicate had no choice but to let Madam Hunt go.

Syndicate bosses, who shroud much of their work in secrecy, preternaturally shun publicity - especially publicity unfavorable to their politcal benefactors.

Billy Bytes should know. He and former Downtown Easton business owner and operator David Clark of Antique Treasures published articles not flattering to The Morning Call Girl.

When this negative news got back to The Morning Call Girl's owners in Chicago, surely it factored into their decision to seal Madam Hunt's fate by putting her out on the street.

The last Billy bytes heard she was hustling back down in Florida where she's from.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Billy, Your newsletter led to Hunt's resignation? You have a very high opinion of yourself, evidenced by your constant attempts to monopolize this blog. But the more you post, the less that view is shared by others.

Chris Casey said...

Bernie, you and I know that the two of us try to keep a rein on things, and write responsibly. Sometimes it can be argued that we fail. but all reasoning aside, what you say and what you do has to be applicable to all. The MCall keeps telling us how unbiased they are. They are giving Jen Mann an Op-ed to explain PHEAA, and she's a DEM. I don't think they are biased towards any particular party, but MY PERSONAL observation, for what it's worth, ios that they practice their own Incumbent protection policy.
In my personal interviews and interaction with their editorial board, I thought they were very fair an unbiased. But what they print, WHEN they print it, and WHERE in the paper they print it, begs a few questions. I'm not a big conspiracy theory person either, I don't believe things are all that complicated. I think the answers are simple.

P.S. Do us all a favor and delete Billy's OT comments. I get tired of havong to scroll for 30 minutes to read actual comments on the subject at hand. And Billy, I'm telling you right now, don't bother commenting OT on the Political blog, if it's an off topic ramble, I will delete it. You do yourself and your positions a disservice with your multitude of idiotic rantings.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Chris, I don't believe the MC or ET has an "incumbent protection policy." That's rididulous. The MC actively advocated the ouster of any state legislator who voted for the payraise.

But I'll agree that any paper has to rely on an incumbent to be a source of information. An incumbent has an automatic advantage for that reason alone.
That's why I think an effort should be made to give moree coverage to a challenger during the course of a campaign. That's why I also feel that cleran elections are a must.

Billy's on thin ice.

Unknown said...


I believe that the Bill White's, Carpenter's, Micek's, and Drobnyk's of the world do not have an "incumbent protection" policy, but remember, that doesn't mean the paper doesn't.

Remember, after bashing Washington and Harrisburg, the MC endorsed almost every local Congressman, State Senator, and State Representative. I would basically argue that the paper is not partisanly aligned, but the editors like the access, and give aid and comfort to incumbents with some of their endorsements and article placement.

Chris Casey said...

Alright, I don't believe for a minute that any MCall reporter has a bias in writing their articles. I think their track record of skewering both sides says that. I could point to evidence of their Equal opportunity roasting of pols from both sides.
But they don't make the final decision on how much of their article gets posted, where in the paper it goes, and when it gets published. I have to agree with Bernie K that if a Republican Congressman ran over 3 teenagers on South Bethlehem after drinking too much, the Morning Call Headline would read: Congressman survives suspected carjacking attempt. We can argue until we are blue in the face, but the perception is that the local media protects it's access, and in doing that, they blur the line between news reporters and news makers.
They wouldn't be defending their credibility if they hadn't put themselves in a position yo, and they did. Too bad, now take your lumps with the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

Well, to be fair to those who charge bias, the columnists play by different rules than the rest of the newspaper. The columnists such as White are hired because of their particular viewpoint (i.e. bias).
So, I guess we have to wait until the actual article before you can really prove your point, Bernie.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Chris, You're not maiking much sense. As I try to understand your argument, you say that the reporters are fearless searchers of the truth but that the editorial board kisses every incumbent's ass. You reason they do this to protect thier access. That's where you stumble. The editorial board doesn't need access. They write opinions, not the news. The reporters need access bc they write the news but you exonerate them. Doesn't make sense to me. And don't you think that a Bill White would walk off in disgust of he thought that was how the game was played.

Listen, as a human institution, the paper makes mistakes. But partisans always think the paper is leaning the other way. I coud rewrite everything you say and replace Democrat with Republican, and sign Angle's name. It would reflect his view. He thinks the papoer has it in for Rs.

Frankly, you haven't persuaded me. But a lot of people share your perception.

Chris Casey said...

The hell with it. I'm going to go beat my head on the wall for awhile.
I think Billy Givens has infected me in some strange way, I suddenly can't think clearly.
Better euthanize me now

Unknown said...


God forbid you catch what Billy has. Yuck.

Bernie O.,
I say we just look at the record of the editorial board. They endorsed the Rendell/Knoll ticket, despite a series of critical articles they had printed in the first term. To their credit, they were tough but fair for the most part with Rendell but still. They endorsed every incumbent or favorite in 2006 for state house except for Julie Harhart (yuck). They endorsed all three incumbent State Senators. I believe they endorsed not only Dent's re-election for Congress, but also Mr. Gerlach's. This after telling us how corrupt Harrisburg was, and how terrible the Bush Administration/Congress had behaved the last several years.

This year, Dent's statement against the surge, vote for the minimum wage, and several other "cross-over" votes, were celebrated. Did we hear about some of his other votes? Not as much, although to his credit, Josh D. over there did write about them.

I don't charge partisan bias, but it really appears that incumbents carry a lot of weight with the MCall.

FtHillDem said...

You know, there would be a good test to see if the Morning Call is biased towards incumbents or Republicans, but I don't remember that far back. When McHale was our Rep, did they endorse him as an incumbent, or his Republican opponents? I suspect they endorsed the Republicans. Does anybody remember this? It would be interesting to find out.

Opinions on this page are quickly dismissed as bias. You will dismiss mine the same way, but there are many ways that news media can display partisanship, some subtle, some not so subtle (editorials). From which stories are covered, to what sources are quoted, even to tone of voice on news broadcasts.

My opinion is that news will be slanted to serve the needs of those who own or control the publication or broadcast. They are overwhelmingly Republican. The MCall is no exeption, but they can't be too blatant about it because they would lose readers.

Anonymous said...

Bernie, Bernie, Bernie!

Did your contact at the Morning Gall blindfold you and spin you around 3 times before you posted that pathetic absolution for Pontius Pete Pilate? Usually when you play "Pin The Nail on the Donkey (Instead of the Elephant)" you get a piece of birthday cake, too.

Did you at least get a WAX with that brainwash?

Wow... they had to reach all the way back to... 2003!... to find a shred of evidence in their defense. Maybe Mark Furhman and the LAPD were involved, too... and they PLANTED the bloody glove in Pete's office!

It's not just ME, by the way...

Today, the Senator and I were doing a TV shoot and an impromptu interview with TV 69 News (they give both sides of the story) at a major Lehigh Valley company. I'm out in the parking lot catching a smoke with the corporate PR person and we're "talking shop" about the shoot, when it will air, comparing notes, and basically talking "inside baseball" when the subject of the Morning Call came up somehow.

The EXACT words out of this person's corporate lips were: "Nothing but a right-wing rag."

I may be that idiot kid along the parade route saying, "But, the Emperor has no clothes!" Believe me, I've been called a lot worse. But, at least I'm not afraid to see what I see.

Bernie Takes NO Prisoners

Bernie O'Hare said...


I'm almost positive the MC endorsed Paul McHale when he ran for re-election. I can check the archives, but don't think it proves very much. It did recently endorse several dems. That doesn't prove anything. The argument will be made that if the paper is not biased towards Rs, it is biased in favor of incumbents.

"Opinions on this page are quickly dismissed as bias. You will dismiss mine the same way ..."
I appreciate different views. While I will argue my position, I already know what I think. This forum is here so that other views can be expressed, and your views may be correct.

The bottom line is that most of us are partisans. You have an agenda. Your handle is Fthilldem, and that says something about your perspective. I'm a partisan myself, although it's in a slightly different way. Bernie K is a rabid partisan. In fact, I think he needs shots. And here's my point - it's almost impossible for a partisan to be objective when it comes to a newspaper. I happen to be friendly with a few conservatives like Angle. Guess what? They think the MC is unfair, too! But they think it's slanted in favor of Dems and liberal policies. Listewn to them sometime on WGPA or WAEB and you'll quickly learn that you and those dittoheads have something in common.

Now I do think media bias exists. I have a "Media Matters" section on my left sidebar for that reason. And I do think the MC or ET can always use a little constructive criticism. Neither paper is beyond reporach. Your points are wll taken. In fact, Jeff Pooley's Lehigh Valley Media occasionaly will scrutinize a news story and show how it is latently biased.

Having said that, the MC's failure to have a major story on PSAs is no evidence of media bias, and that is what was charged. Bernie K was charging that the MC is a R paper bc it failed to run the PSA story. I've provided the paper's explanation and it is reasonable. All I had to do was ask. Bernie Kieklak is wrong and has to pay the price.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Bernie K, Bernie K, Bernie K.

Let's do a little review. You predicted the MC would not run the PSA story this year. You cited this as proof the paper favors Rs. And you're wrong, bippy.

If the paper refused to run this story, I'd have to agree. But this is what we know.

1) The MC already published a Bill White column on the subject, and he completly eviscerated both Harhart and Reichley.

2) A reporter had been working on a story, and it would have been publishd late last week or early this week but for a family emergency. He was quite irritated with me because I did not email him, but emailed his boss. (Sorry, John)

3) The reason I emailed his boss is bc you tore him apart in several of your comments on this blog. I never met the guy, wouldn't know him if I fell over him, and wanted his side of the story. I got it, and fairly quickly. He wasn't supressing any story.

4) You can scream that the MC is biased if you like, but you're in no position to make that determination. You're so frickin' partisan you probably think today's rain was sent by the republican party. (It was sent by the greens).

5) The specific charge was that the MC is biased bc it did not run the PSA story. Well, it's already been posted in a MC blog and in a Bill White column. A story did not appear but will. The reason for the delay? I've stated it. If you'd like a more detailed explanation, contact Micek. He'll give it to you. In fact, I'm sure he'd love to give it to you. Better wear armor next time you see him. I nearly escaped with my life. No editor killed this story. You need to do a little damage control. Maybe flowers.

6) I know what you're doing. You come on a blog and drive wedges between the mainstream media and blogs. We bloggers eat it up and you get to advance your agenda, whether it's promoting discussion of a Boscola congressional bid or blasting her potential opponents. Lisa has not announced. She has not even preannounced. She doesn't have to. You've been able to generate enough discussion about this that it has already led to at least three news articles. You're very good, and I know why Lisa has you in her employ. Shawn Millan has a worthy adversary. I congratulate you. You take a lot of risks but it seems to pay off because you're bright and write well. But I do know exactly what you're doing.

7) You will never succeed in driving a wedge between me and the MSM. I view my role as a complement to the mainstream. I think we are good for each other. They have pulled my ass out of a fire several times. Although I enjoy political discussion, I am priarily motivated by a desire for transparent and accountable government. I think money is evil in politics and want clean elections laws. This area needs more regionalization. We need to do much more about our impending transportation crisis. And we are not ready if disaster strikes. If I think a R will promote good government more than a D, I'll support him in a heartbeat. I think that may be a difference between us. I won't support a hack like McClure just because he happens to be a D. He also happens to represent everything wrong w/ government. I remind you that he stuck a knife in McHale, and McHale and your boss are very close. But you boss may actually support a person like that over her own brother! That's simply incredible to me. And it's wrong. Talk to her.

8) How about next Thursday or Thursday in 2 weeks for you and me doing Angle's show? We'll give Ron the day off.

FtHillDem said...

Media partisanship can be biased in subtle ways. Running a story in a column like Bill White's is good, but not equivalent to front page articles. Bernie K. is more right than wrong. (Good for you Bernie K!)

Two things news media can do. Report the truth, and choose what facts are important to report. The second has to do with the values which are held and emphasized.

In terms of values, yes I AM BIASED! My values include equality of opportunity and treatment. Policies which benefit those who actually do the work in society. My bias is emphatically against those who try to maintain economic inequality because they benefit by it.

But truth is truth, and that is one crucial way that I differ from the dittoheads that you talk about. They are divorced from reality, and increasingly need to invent facts (lie) in order to justify their values. Just like our Republican Administration.

So go ahead, lump me and people like Bernie K. with the dittoheads if you like. Its an easy comparison to make and doesn't require much thought. Yeah, my bias is completely equivalent to their bias. My facts must be just as invalid as theirs. Maybe not even as valid, because they certainly make more noise.

Bernie O'Hare said...

FtHillDem, Why do you always get so damn offended? Relax.

My point is that the same complaints you and Bernie K make about the MC are the ones I hear from right wingers. It's the truth. And incidentally, they think you're the one who's lying.

If the paper can piss everybody off, it must be doing something right. And maybe nobody's lying. And just maybe the left should listen to the right and vice versa.

Now please don't get mad. Your points are all well taken and I'm probably the only person on this site defending the MC.

Unknown said...


You're not the only one. I think their writers are great. It's their editors who I question.

Anonymous said...


Johnnie Cochran couldn't have said it any better!!

You are so full of shit that I'm absolutely in AWE of your super powers.

1) Bill White's column was 32 paragraphs long and never mentioned Reichley OR Harhart until paragraph 18. I get paid to read news clips and it was hard for ME to stay awake until the disappointing end! If 3 people read his entire column, they are probably ex-POWs who are used to that kind of torture;

2) Woulda, shoulda, coulda... if my Aunt had wheels, she'd be a bus. When was the last time Pontius Pete Pilate excused a public official for having a family emergency? Extenuating circumstances, not available for immediate comment, would rather do this interview later when you can think straight? No fucking way, we're printing our story TOMORROW. But, it's good to know that I can now use that same excuse;

3) Let me get this straight... he's refused to run this story for 2 weeks now, but he's "not supressing" this story... because he told you he's "not supressing" this story??? Wow. And you swallowed that like a nun taking communion;

4) Actually, I didn't blame the rain on anyone. It was a good day today;

5) Yeah... and "the check is in the mail." Are you afraid of losing your paper route if you tell the truth? All of the armor in the world can't protect you from Micek. He's just the fall guy here and a convenient excuse for your "buddy" editor to blame;

6) Once again, you give me way too much credit. Most of my day today involved the Senator calling me names and berating me in front of people with TV cameras;

7) I can give you pills for that;

8) Next Thursday works for me! I will wait for you to confirm.

Semper fido!
Bernie Takes NO Prisoners

Bernie O'Hare said...

1-7) I seem to be a minoirty of 1 1/2. Do you think I give a shit?

8) You're on! I'll give Angle the day off and you and I can give Timmer fits next Thurs, 8 - 9:30 AM. I'll expect you to lay a liplock on Timmer, but go easy on him. He starts giggling.

Anonymous said...


I absolutely LOVE Jolly Joe... but NOT that much.

Can you bring your inflatable girlfriend to the studio? I'd love to finally get to meet her.

Even though she's plastic, she has to be special to put up with you and play all of those "Call Me The Principal" games you told me about...

Fuck the FCC,
Let's rack up some fines!

Bernie Takes NO Prisoners

Unknown said...

Shit, I gotta' hear that show.

Anonymous said...



The war in Iraq, the death of Anna Nicole Smith, and the firings of 93 U.S. Attorneys-General took a back seat to breathtaking news out of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania today.

Political blogger Bernie O'Hare won a highly publicized wager with an idiot aide to a local State Senator that has sent shock waves throughout this quiet hamlet.

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O'Hare, who wore his high-school prom dress for the occasion, was humble as ever in front of the throng of international reporters, papparazzi, and inflatable groupies who numbered in the thousands.

"I'm the smartest person on the planet and I'm always right," O'Hare said.

Meanwhile, the idiot Senate aide, Bernard Kieklak, was shackled and locked in stocks in the town square until his boss, Senator Lisa Boscola, doused him with 15 gallons of gasoline and set him ablaze with the designer Gucci flame-thrower she always carries in her purse.

As the flames consumed him, Kieklak could be heard to shout, "I was wrong and I admit it. Bernie O'Hare was right. And I apologize to Lefler and Micek for saying such stupid things... and at least I don't have to kiss Jolly Joe!"

There are no funeral arrangements planned. No one liked him, not even his friends.

Bernie Takes No Prisoners

Bernie O'Hare said...

ROFL. That will have to be a separate post. But it was written w/ obvious media bias.

Anonymous said...


I never bitch about what IS written as being biased. What is NOT written about is what's biased.

Micek, Christina, and all the other reporters in the Capitol Newsroom do us a great favor just by writing about state government. Their stories allow regular, average people to form their own opinions about what happens in Harrisburg.

It's what is NOT COVERED and NOT written about that drives me crazy (well, crazier than I normally am).

That's where I was coming from, because I assumed that the Morning Call was ignoring the story about Reichley and Harthart spending $500,000 on PSAs when Sen. Boscola has been criticized by that SAME NEWSPAPER for spending $4,800!

It's not MY JOB to tell any reporter HOW to write his or her story. But, it IS my job to advocate for fair treatment for Senator Boscola from any reporter.

I'm not gonna quibble over words or headlines. And both Micek and Christina would tell you that I have NEVER called them to bitch about how they wrote a single story! Well... once, recently, I did bust Micek's balls for writing that Lisa has "flirted" with running for Congress before. Only because I thought it was sexist and he would never say that about a male who'd decided not to run because the DCCC is so dysfunctional. But that was an amiable conversation and neither of us crossed the line and attacked the other person personally.

Like I said, my problem has NEVER been about WHAT is written. It's about what is NOT written about and NOT covered.

And, by the way, I heard you looked lovely in your prom dress at the celebration of you winning the bet!

Bernie Takes No Prisoners

LVDem said...

Bernie O: I don't think Bernie K is off in his assertion that the MCall doesn't write negatively about local republican state reps. Bill White is a columnist and kind of write what's on his mind. His job is different from that of a reporter so I wouldn't use him to counter Bernie K. Secondly, Micek might be working on something, but he was beaten to the punch by a week or more by a paper in Western PA. John's emergency might prevent him from doing the work, but doesn't the call have the ability to get the article form the Trib and pay for its publication. Just a thought there. And the editor's point about looking into GOP leadership accounts ignores one simple point that Bernie K makes: it was about people outside of the LV.

Here's what I see. Great reporting from the MCall of state government. John is frankly awesome. Great coverage. I get more from the Mcall than I do the Patriot out of Harrisburg. That says something. But the local reporters don't press our state reps/senators well at all. They might cover from time to time but are typically not critical. the coverage of races for state house aren't responsibility of Micek. They are the responsibilities of the local reporters who are out in the communities. I think there is a great difference in teh quality of work from our local reporters who report on the elections of our state reps and those who provide a broader state capitol focus.

Just my thoughts.

Anonymous said...


Finally, the voice of reason. And someone who is not into cross-dressing, dating inflatable women, or being a "company guy" for the Morning Call.

I agree 100% with what you said. Obviously, your detachment from this whole sordid episode is what makes your observations so solid and well-grounded.

Quite frankly, I think O'Hare used me like one of Acerra's bizzare sex toys. I need to take a shower now and gargle with bleach...


Bernie O'Hare said...

If you don't think the MC ever writes anything negative about Republican state reps. or state senators, then we're obviously reading different papers. I get the Easton edition. Bernie TNP probably gets the Mars edition and LVDem probably gets the Republican edition. Now excuse me. I have a lot of papers to deliver on Sunday. The MC just hired me.

Anonymous said...

Why wouldn't there be an incumbency bias, Bernie? It's nothing too shameful, merely a newspaper sticking to the "devil you know" justification. It's usually smart: incumbents have often proven that they can do the job fairly well. Political partisans (such as myself) may not like it, but it's solid reasoning, if you are sticking to the "non-partisan" mode.

LVDem said...

I get the Allentown edition... honestly... nothing comes from it toward GOP incumbents serving in harrisburg. Pat Browne hasn't had any kind of article done in months. What's he doing? And ask Casey about the fluff that they throw on Reichley. Or ask Russ about the fluff that they give to Julie Harhart. The best reporting that we get on these matters comes from Bill White and he's a columnist.

Local reporting on state legislators and teh campaigns they wage is terrible. The Call has made its unstated policy about those races be minimalist. Ask any candidate (GOP or Democratic) and they'll likely agree.

Anonymous said...


I always just assumed you received the "Neurotic Edition" of the Morning Call with your orange juice and Thorazine in the morning... like all the other mental patients do.

How DO YOU turn the pages when you're wearing a straightjacket?? I know you type with your toes, so I'm betting you use your mouth... which is how you met your inflatable girlfriend... and I'm not saying that like it's a BAD thing!

Semper Fido!
Bernie Takes No Prisoners

Bernie O'Hare said...

LVDem, Bernie TNP or anyone else caught up in this thread: While I've slowly been twisting in the wind over here, Micek and a former MCall staffer give you their perspectiveson media bias over at the Lehigh Valley Political Blog, fka True Dems of LV, fka True Dems of Lehigh County, etc., etc. They pretty much demolish the suggestion of media bias, at least in this instance.

And on this subject, I won't take Bernie TNP very seriously. I admit all his charges about me and my inflatable girlfriend. But Bernie is also a professional spinner. He does his job very well. If he thinks he will advance his boss by driving a wedge between bloggers and the MSM, he'll do it. But at the same time he's blowing smoke up our asses, he's doing the same thing with the pros. Since we're not pros, we tend to fall for his bullshit. But that's all it is. It's well-written bullshit, but it's still bullshit. The only thing that would make Bernie K happy is a daily front page article extolling the virtues of Lisa Boscola and slamming anyone who might get in her way.

For Bernie TNP, this really doesn't have anything to do w/ bias at the MC. He's trying to lay the groundwork for his boss. I respect how well he's does it, but I do see what he's up to, even in my high heels.

Unknown said...


You have to do something in your job to get an article. Pat Browne doesn't qualify there.

Anonymous said...


I'm seriously APPALLED that Micek would post his "rebuttal" on another 'blog. It was YOUR 'blog that ran with this story when the other 'blogs were afraid to.

LV Ramblings is where ALL of the heavy discussion took place. YOU made the sparks happen and YOU e-mailed Lefler to confront him personally about his Republican bias.

I don't think the Morning Call likes you.

I could be wrong... but I kinda get that feeling.

Anyways, I posted a response to Micek's post over at that other 'blog site. Lefler probably told him that he could reply, but not to you.

Could it be that the "objective" media is playing favorites and treating you like a second-class 'blogger?

I guess the 1st Amendment only applies to them and not the rest of us...

Bernie Takes NO Prisoners

Bernie O'Hare said...

Gonzo Bernie, It's true. The MC hates my guts. So does the ET. Come to think of it, even I'm not too fond of myself. But that's OK. I have a lot of fans - HRH DePaul, Joe Long, all nine members of county council, elections commissioner VanSickle, Reichley, Harhart, the judges, etc., etc.

But I am not a second-class blogger. I'm a no class blogger.

Anonymous said...


Look, I know you're bummin' because you can't score your meth at Nitschmann anymore...

And, your inflatable girlfriend is bitching about you using way too much duct tape to keep her on the back of Ron Angle's dog while you pretend you're "Little Bo Peep"...

BUT, you are the Godfather of All Bloggers!

YOU, my sick, twisted friend are an Equal Opportunity Abuser! YOU make hamburger out of Sacred Cows!

YOU are the only person on this entire planet who could single-handedly piss off EVERYBODY and make it look easy!

Pick yourself up and get back in the game.

Your adoring public awaits you...


Bernie O'Hare said...

Bernie, No worries! I'm not happy unless I'm despised. And I'm very happy.