Tuesday, August 28, 2012

West Easton Boro Hall Will Lock Its Door

If you have business at West Easton Borough Hall, you'll have to ring a bell to get inside. As a result of the Mezzacappa Meltdown last week, staffers are now terrified and the door will be locked.  

It's sad when these precautions are taken in response to one person's tirade. But it's understandable.


michael molovinsky said...

thats not so unlike the local blogosphere, where one antagonist forced most bloggers into moderating comments, and many to quit blogging altogether.

Anonymous said...

A bit of over reaction there.

Anonymous said...

This resident should leave our nice Borough. She is driving up the cost for all of us with her excessive tantrums and our legal bills.

Anonymous said...

The seemingly inbred officials are wasting tax money trying to hype this up. If you can'r deal with the public you should get out of public office.

Why is everyone getting involved in O'Hares romantic disasters?

Anonymous said...

She should be in PRISON. you can not threaten the life of an elected official. Where the hell is John Morganelli on this

We have room in the womens wing of the prison for her to cool down in

Anonymous said...

Why is everyone getting involved in O'Hares romantic disasters?

You obviously like the threats and controversy this angry Nut continues in West Easton. BO did not start this but I hope he can help us put an end to her by asking the Sheriff to pull her gun permit. The doors of the schools are now locked because of your mentality of shrugging the blame of NUTS and closing your mind to reality. Wake up to a new society of locking everything down,brought on by nuts with guns!

Chuck Heston said...


You seem to be the one with the BO obsession. Maybe it's the bike pants.

What this meshugeneh does at West Easton Borough Hall has only to do with her and the borough she's torturing. Everyone in two states now knows she's an armed and potentially dangerous pariah.

I'd use my own cold, dead hands to relieve her of her weapons. It seems highly possible - even likely - that she's going to shoot a public official. Issuing her a permit was insane.

Anonymous said...

The dyno megasauas has shown her fangs and now everyone is upset about it. Bernie knows how to handle her. Don't be surprised if down the road she accuses him of being unfaitful. A lover scorned will be her defense.

Anonymous said...

Well seems BO was right about her. I don't see any apoligies but I really would not expect them. The few who were so hateful to BO are just that. Hateful. You can't be logical rational fair or even know when to apologize when u are driven by hate. Bernie keep doing your job. I too am happy you are out there keeping us informed. I am sorry to be so blunt but the haters need to be reminded that they can be wrong as much as anyone else.

Anonymous said...

Yeah this isn't aboput petty revenge at all. We all know if someone doesn't have a gun permit, they can't possibly be carrying a gun.

O'Hare, his various persona's and you west easton "officials" are coming off as the lunatics on this blog.

This woman may have her problems but your reactions are crazy.

Anonymous said...

Nah. The overwhelming majority agree she's moved from crazy to crazy and dangerous. You were probably shrieking about Gabby Giffords.

Morgan Nelliness said...

let's have a BBQ. use the bitch's broom to start the grill so we can roast the pig..

Call the cops because it will be a stampede to see the entertainment as WWWE is burned at the stake after the pig is roasted.

BO can be in charge of the spit. Hear the Gross's are supplying the beer and booze.

Norco supplies the appetizers and side dishes.

No union pukes, gracemess goons or silly men wearing kilts are allowed.

Mc- clueless and the kraft union cheese show up with " I'm for Johnny" buttons pinned to their asses ( which happens to be the best part of both of them).they do know how to kiss ass as both are losers.

Angle puffs a cigar and says "I told you so".

Seyfried shows up just because there is free food.

Panto tries to tax the entire event.

Wee willie shows up looking for a hot girl friend - settles for Dolan.

Donchez sits on the fence while he tells everyone how wonderful he is and what a great guy he is Then he opennly admits that he supports a drunk boss and can't make a decision until he is sure at least 51% of the voters loves him.

Soffa shows up late and asks what is going on.

The teacher's union goes on strike demanding free pig every Friday and a 5% pay raise because no one invited them to the roast.

BFD led by the drunk wife beating union puke show up to put the fire out demanding OT to do their job while they are on sick leave.

And that's the way it were on 8/28/12

Bernie O'Hare said...

omg. that is funny. you took shots at just about everyone.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Maybe I should not have said "shots."

Anonymous said...

Not that funny. Actually, not funny at all.

Uncle Remus said...

12:47 obviously suffers from lack of a sense of humor. must be a dem pol public sector union lover.

Oh well, if I were a dem pol public sector union lover I guess I wouldn't have a sense of humor either

Buckaroo said...

Interesting, funny posts, but what sticks in my mind is that this obliviously deranged woman continues to carry a gun around.Legally! !
This threatens evey person who is within distance of this nutjob.

Anonymous said...

and she wants to run for councial again, what a joke, the people of west easton would be nuts to vote for her!!!

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, the O'Hare fan annon hater that posts under many names continues to wave the teabagger hate in everyones face.

Anonymous said...

I don't blame them. Protect yourselves, you can't take chances in today's world. Her current conduct, the whole youtube gun episode she did, and then add on that shes on medication for some mental issues... I would think West Easton owes it to their staff to protect them from what seems to be a possible danger.

Anonymous said...

There's that nasty "Teabagger" obsession again ...

... Should you not be out hating those evil, greedy bad guys who want to poison the air, poison the water, let old people and down syndrome fend for themselves, blah, blah, blah?

PS - how is that Republican War On Women going for you today, Anon 12:39?

Do you always hypocritical complain about anonymous posters while remaining anonymous, yourself, or what?


Anonymous said...

Do u know that you are still obsessed with this woman?

Can u post the video she requested and gather facts, instead of bleeding your broken heart?

Also, it's funny how you credit an anonymous poster about taking shots when you agree and laugh, but when a poster disagrees with you, then you whine like a little school girl.

Anonymous said...

Asshole 5:31,

Obama is your God. Government is your salvation.

And I am not Bernie O'Hare.

Lose the Teabagger obsession, Douchebag Democrat.

I am sorry if your mother and sister are both crack whoring sluts who regular get beat up by their obsessive pimps, but that is your problem and not mine.


Anonymous said...

This is the God fearing Republican teabagger way of communicating. Very nice. Do you pray to God with that mouth?

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you are going to delete the 6:06 post for foul and offensive language. Unless of course it was you.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you are going to delete the 6:06 post for foul and offensive language. Unless of course it was you.

Anonymous said...

Dear 606

You must be one of those West Virginia Republicans..I guess your mom and dad are also your uncle and aunt,lol

Uncle Remus said...

Rumor has it that the Morgan Nelliness burning at the stake witch and pig roast is expanding. But not without protest.

jews are pissed because it is scheduled on Saturday and pork is being served.

Christians protest the jews protest because they believe that pork is nothing but the other white meat. They also protest men who wear beards and silly hats, negate their womenfolk and celebrate the sabbath on the wrong day. (Guess they forgot about the nuns)

(by the way I must have married a nun because that's exactly what I'm getting.)

Gracemess useless union pukes application for a booth is denied as all they want to do is sell t-shirts that say " union sluts for a under qualified kilt wearer" and other such mindless programed union statements.

Other public unions will show up crying foul over the ridiculous non-concessions NORCO gave the goons. They are pissed because real government entities are shoving realistic concessions up their tight butts. Rs laugh them out of the party.

Da shows up at the body piercing tent to get his ears bobbed.

Callahan shows up for the free beer and to see how many union pukes he can eliminate when he is anointed king of norco. his brother-in-law is his driver. ah-oh.

VIA and Goodwill refuse to accept hundreds of pairs of cheap and slutty heels, DEP declare the collection a super fund site.

Ass asions, slant heads, gooks and flips stage a kneel in because dog is not on the menu.

Pork choppers and other "no speaky the englash" latin types show up because they heard there was discounted welfare vouchers.Women with children bearing five different last names are turned away.

They decide to go to NJ because they heard the bridge was free. Phillipsburg police retreat to AC while the bridge commission raises fees for the protesters and give all their so called execs a 20% pay raise.

Mc Clueless shows and and sits alone as everyone treats him like he has the plague. (so what else is new?)

Ragheads show up looking for 7 virgins. Find only one used WWWE. They eat pork and drink beer instead. (smart move, guys).

white boys must think it's the January white sale as they show up in sheets. Finding no cross to burn they head for the slatebelt.

blacks show up and steal the show. They bring grits, chitlins, corn on the cob and watermelon.

white boys get embarrassed but still eat.

aclu burns american flag to close the ceremonies as BO steals all the left overs and bikes home - one happy camper...........

AND THAT is the way it were..............

Bernie O'Hare said...

This will piss people off, but I think it's hilarious. Howard Stern would be proud.

Anonymous said...

It is hate disguised(poorly) as humor. If it weren't Angle postng it, you would have deleted it a long time ago.

By the way, Howard Stern is a talent. Uncle you know who is juat an anit-semetic bigot. Not funny at all.

You love the union puke deal don't you.

Bernie O'Hare said...

It's Semitic, not semetic. Now go take your drug cocktail.

Anonymous said...

all i can say is mental

Anonymous said...

what are they going to wait til she kills someone before the do something?????? that is so wrong