Wednesday, August 29, 2012

My Boys Baking Moves to Stoke Park Road

Levine (left) gives no half-baked answers to Piperato questions.
My Boys Baking, along with its 20 different favors of biscotti, has received a green light from Hanover Supervisors for its baked goods empire at 310 Stoke Park Road. Their unanimous endorsement followed a August 28 hearing in which Attorney Joe Piperato clearly established that no one is offended by cookies.

Owner Cindy Levine was busy baking, so she sent husband Robert to testify. "My wife Cindy is the boss of My Boys Baking. I work for her," he explained. He told Supervisors that their business started in 2004, when his wife brought some biscottis to a garment trade show in California. When they returned home, they had an order for 1,500 pounds.

"Did you bring any samples with you?" asked Supervisor Steve Salvesen.

"I did, but I ate them on the way," Levine answered. He explained that his wife's biscotti is softer than the traditional version. They also bake cookies, brownies, bundt cakes and rugelach.

The company employs five people, and at Christmas time, brings in another five. It is open weekdays and Saturdays. It was located along Nazareth Pike, but outgrew it.


Anonymous said...

yummie to my tummie

Anonymous said...

When are they moving? I'd like to stop in and buy biscotti for my office before they move! :)


Bernie O'Hare said...

They're at Stoke Park Road now.