Friday, August 31, 2012

Could You Make the Monroe Street Hill?

I've now been car-free for the past eleven days, and it's been great. Above is a photo of the most challenging hill I face, on Monroe Street Freemansburg. I climb that when I have to go to Hanover Township or Bethlehem from the courthouse.

I hate hills, but the stretch along the towpath in Freemansburg is full of rocks. My bike has Kevlar tires, but they can go flat, too.

I'll take a hill over a flat.

The picture is deceptive. It's much steeper and longer than it appears. Honest! Fortunately, the police station is on top of that hill. They won't have so far to travel when I keel over. I think they have a dumpster ready for me.


Jim Fiorentino said...

I did it once. That was enough

Jim Fiorentino said...
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Anonymous said...

down looks fun

Bernie O'Hare said...

Yeah. Turn right on Cambria, and its downhill almost all the way into Bethlehem.