Monday, December 20, 2010

Sanctuary at Haafsville Gets $75,000 in Anonymous Donations

The donations come from a family and individual who wish to remain anonymous. Both support Executive Director Liz Jones' vision of a unique sanctuary that will serve the homeless animals and human residents of the Lehigh Valley.

It's called The Sanctuary at Haafsville, and has been given an eight-acre property, west of Fogelsville, by the Tercha/Haaf family. The first building on the site should be ready by Spring, according to Ken Petrini, chairman of The Sanctuary's board of directors.

Also helping in the construction of this first of its kind animal sanctuary in the Northeast will be sales of The Sanctuary's Inaugural Public Opportunity, or IPO, -- shares of non-redeemable stock that will be issued to the first 1,000 donations of $1,000.

The Sanctuary at Haafsville's mission is to promote programs that encourage interaction between people and animals, while providing a home and care for animals needing a temporary or permanent place to live. The Sanctuary also plans to use environmentally friendly methods in building and landscaping wherever possible.

The Sanctuary's website is here. There's also a Facebook page.


Fake Diplomas said...

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Anonymous said...

Known Liz Jones 15 years. She is dedicated and honest. Something ugly happened at her last animal sanctuary that made her leave. Have no idea what, but it's really not important. Who hasn't met some animal rescuers who think they are better than the rest of us. Wish Liz well with this new venture.