Friday, July 17, 2009

Commissioner No

Ever meet Lehigh County Commish Glenn Eckhart? Take a look at the picture, where he's trying to pretend he's some badass, like he's running for Sheriff or something. True, he's big enough to be an NFL lineman. But if you look closely enough at his picture, you'll see the hint of a smile. The Glenn Eckhart I know is a big, jovial man with a warm smile and a little twinkle in his eye, kinda' like a young Santa Claus.

He's generous, too. He once invited me to tag along on a Gettysburg bus tour. Maybe he intended to throw me out one of the windows or ram me into one of the cannons, or even worse, turn me into a Republican. Unfortunately, I overslept that day and missed the trip, so we'll never know.

What puzzles me is that, despite his jovial appearance, Glenn's political philosophy is more akin to Ebeneezer Scrooge than Saint Nick. But he makes no sense on paper, as evidenced by his rant about Democratic Commissioner Bill Leiner earlier this week.

Get a load of another Eckhart special, sent to a gazillion Republicans this week. Glenn is reacting to LC Exec Don Cunningham's plan to spend some of his vast, $700k campaign treasury, to seize control of the Board of Commissioners.

"Don will get involved in the commissioner races if the candidates are of like minded [sic] to his. That is clear [sic] he wants people who will vote the way he wants them to and I will not. I understand on my opponents [sic] facebook sight [sic] she is calling me commissioner NO and [sic] am proud of it. I like that tag line because I have a record of NO new taxes, NO new programs, NO more unbalanced budgets, and NO more spending increases."

No grammar or spelling lessons, either.

Ironically, Commissioner No is the badass who dug into his own pocket to save a basketball program for Salisbury Township grade school kids earlier this year. He spent thirteen years coaching there, too. If Glenn is reelected, it will be because voters like him, not because he's some LV Rush Limbaugh.


Anonymous said...

My GAWD. Where did this guy go to school? Or where didn't he go to school? Facebook sight?

Anonymous said...

Kammishoner Know

Anonymous said...

Republican Glenn Eckahart is a nothing, who must be steamrolled by the powerhouse that is Democrat Hillary Kwi

Jacob Oberholtzer said...

Hillary will be a better public servant for the district. She's smart, is running because she wants a better Lehigh Valley for her Children. and very hard working.

I can never imagine seeing such an email from Hillary.

Anonymous said...

I suspect he'll be re-elected because voters like him AND his views. No surprise here. Several recent, national polls indicate most respondents view themselves as conservatives. The left caricatures the right as "Rush Limbaughs" at its own peril. Many conservatives don't like him and are conservative nonetheless. And yes, Eckhart should better master the Queen's English. Grammar morons come in all political stripes, sadly. Where are the nuns when they're needed?

Jacob Oberholtzer said...

To Anon 7:15

Read a book

Anonymous said...

Eckhart should read a book. It's obvious my his grammar and spelling that he's never opened a book or a newspaper.

Anonymous said...

Hillary wants a better LV for her children. Nice talk. Who doesn't? Glenn has put up his own money and time to actually do so. Many talk. Few act.

Jacob Oberholtzer said...

Hillary has given something more valuable than her money. Her time to children locally.

Don't believe me, check out her website.

Anonymous said...

Jacob's appalling sentence fragment and subsequent run-on sentence notwithstanding, are we now giving extra credit for doing one's duty?

Is anyone in LC capable of proper grammar?

ironpigpen said...

Will the Steamroller be enacting endless entitlement program after endless entitlement program?

Will the Steamroller "restore wealth to its rightful owners"?

How does the Steamroller plan to pay for endless entitlement programs for the disadvantaged (who were obviously exploited by evil capitalists)?

What is the Steamroller's definition of a "wealthy" person?

Does the Steamroller have a 95% tax break for ALL citizens for the Lehigh Valley?

Does the Steamroller support Cap and Tax?

Does the Steamroller plan to actually READ ANY LEGISLATION AHEAD OF TIME or, even better, actually encourage anybody to actually WRITE ANY before it is shoved down the people's throats?

Will the Steamroller support nationalizing banks and car companies?

How many unelected Czars will the Steamroller appoint?

Does the Steamroller use Turbo Tax or is she planning on a future Cabinet appointment in the Obama administration?

Is the Steamroller transparent about where they were born and who paid for their college like Obama?

Does the Steamroller hang around with Jeremiah Wright or Bill Ayers?

The Steamroller DOES KNOW, of course, there is NO SUCH PLACE AS -


"I do think there is a difference between Cominskey Field and Wrigley Field" stated Obama on the MLB Network.

The Steamroller knows Obama (who thinks about Sol Alinsky too much apparently) is a fool and that it is COMISKEY PARK, of course, in my opinion.

Hopefully, the Steamroller is even smarter than the Smartest President in the history of the United States.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully, the Steamroller is even smarter than the Smartest President in the history of the United States.

2:13 PM

Wait - I thought that was co-president Hillary back in the day!

ironpigpen said...

MANDATORY "End of Life Counseling"

Health Care Bill pages 425-430

Read it and weep. Welcome to liberal, progressive America


government run amok = utopia

ironpigpen said...

Joe Biden -

We have to keep spending money in order to avoid going bankrupt


Whose term paper did you copy for that one, Joe (I was at UMass when your academic prowess at Syracuse came out in the late 80s)?

BTW - What has happened to all the anti-war protests? Where is Cindy Shehan? What is the current Obama Body Count?

We ALWAYS knew what Bush's score was. What is Obama's?

Can we have photos of Obama's caskets? (you know, like for Bush's caskets - fair is fair, after all)

Is war in Afghanistan or anywhere else okay now that Obama is in charge of the army?

ironpigpen said...

Will the Steamroller be encouraging ACORN to come to Lehigh County and get the starting line-up of the Dallas Cowboys properly registered to vote in Pennsylvania?

Will the Steamroller be spending $ 60,000 on IMPORTANT road signs (at $ 2,000 a clip I understand) to let everyone know the Stimulus is working?

ironpigpen said...

Will Channel 69 have to eventually edit tape in case the Steamroller, not unlike Sam Bennett, states a particular bank is failing in order to USE OBVIOUS FEAR TACTICS (in my opinion) when, in fact, the particular bank is NOT FAILING?

Is the Steamroller in possession of a greater factual awareness of which banks are and are not failing than Democratic Congressional candidate Sam Bennett?

Is the Steamroller in the pocket of George Soros?

Al Gore and his "climate-change" clowns?

The unions?

How many lobbyists does she plan on including in her administration?

Will she say one thing and do another like Obama has proven over and over again?

BTW liberals - how is the tax break for 95% working out for everybody???

Stanley S's FanClub said...

I used to work the midnight shift at Binney & Smith during my college years. I was assigned to the warehouse. I drove a forklift. I was responsible for filling the orders, getting them ready to ship, and then load them onto a truck. Once and awhile, we would receive incoming shipments. And we had to put them in their perspective areas.

My forklift was called, "The Steamroller!"

Next to the warehouse was CD (short for Creative Design.) I don't know what the heck they did in there. And on the otherside of the warehouse were Chalk and Crayons. My cousin worked in Chalk. He shovelled chalk resin into a grinder all night long. Joy!

But anyway, my forklift got the name 'The Steamroller!' because of my skillful driving abilities. I got into so many accidents; I should have been killed. Of course, none of them were my fault!

I used to drop off the pallets of products outside of CD. I guess I loaded them too close to the adjoining wall. They say that I shook all of their work off of the racks in CD.

But the worst accident involved two other employees, myself, and three pallets of purple pens. I was driving my forklift, "The Steamroller!" down a narrow alley. One employee had a load of products three pallets high behind me. He was coming right for me. He had head phones on and couldn't hear my horn. In front of me was another one of my cousins also carrying a load of products three pallets high. He was headed right for me. For some reason, he thought that I was messing around by beeping my horn.

Anyway, there wasn't anywhere for me to go. So I had this bright idea to swerve into a little break in the products that were stacked in the warehouse. There wasn't enough room for me in that opening, but I wouldn't be in the direct path of those knuckleheads.

They never did run into each other. The reason being was prior to their collision, I had taken out three pallets high worth of purple pens.

The supervisor never did believe our incident reports. Anyway, they needed the work. And we performed our work more efficiently than the total of all of our diasters. So we lived to see another day at work.

I think they finally retired, "The Steamroller!"

Peace, ~~Alex

Jacob Oberholtzer said...

My bad grammar aside. At least I'll attach my name to it.

Anonymous said...

Yes, caskets are allowed to be photographed now.

Obama Reverses Bush Policy, Allowing Media to Photograph Caskets Returning Home From War
ABC News ^ | February 26, 2009 | PAULINE JELINEK and ANNE GEARAN

Posted on Thursday, February 26, 2009 1:53:08 PM by Ben Mugged

News organizations will be allowed to photograph the homecomings of America's war dead under a new Pentagon policy, defense and congressional officials said Thursday.

Defense Secretary Robert Gates has decided to allow photos of flag-draped caskets at Dover Air Force Base, Del., if the families of the fallen troops agree, the officials told The Associated Press.

Gates planned to announce his decision later Thursday, they said. The current ban was put in place in 1991 by President George H.W. Bush.

Some critics have contended the government was trying to hide the human cost of wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

ironpigpen said...

Anon 12:20

Thanks for confirming it is now okay to photograph and publish the war caskets.

We DID get to see Bush's war caskets (around the time of the elections if I recall correctly).

Why do we NOT see Obama's war caskets.

Obama is king now, they are HIS caskets.

So, is the media in tank for Obama because they do not treat his caskets the same as Bush's?


(I think it is - but, nonetheless, take it away Spin Doctors)

"Bush's fault, blah, blah, blah"

You know the drill

So does everybody else...

Anonymous said...

"My bad grammar aside. At least I'll attach my name to it."

You've used another sentence fragment.

Many of those with similarly retarded grammar skills exhibit no shame. You criticized Eckhart's communication skills with your own idiotic attempt at sentence formulation. You signed your name before you were exposed for wasting the money taxpayers spent to attempt to educate you.

Now, Mr. Oberholtzer, you should refund our money and no longer sign your name to your error filled grammar critiques. It is an embarrassment to those who tried to teach you.

Anonymous said...

Iron putz meet outhouse, outhouse meet the angry priest.

You guys should form a band, angry priest, pigputz and outhouse, with the wrong angle on the horn.

Anonymous said...

This is the future of the Republican Party: overweight and undereducated.