Friday, October 31, 2008

The People's Advocate, Ralph Nader, Will Be in Allentown on Sunday

According to Ralph Nader's web page, this independent Presidential candidate will be in Allentown on Sunday.

Date: Sunday, November 2nd, 7:30 pm

Where: Scottish Rite Cathedral, 1533 Hamilton Street, Allentown, PA 18102

Questions: Call 484-350-3788.

"A vote for Nader/Gonzalez on November, rather than being wasted by piling onto an Obama landslide or McCain implosion, will produce a stronger hammer and watchdog for what millions of Americans want — including public Medicare for all with private delivery and a living wage for the one in three workers who don’t make one." - Ralph Nader


WhetherVain said...

Dave Bokan gave me a call and asked if I wanted to tag along with him to this....I said "What the heck".

(I'll never forgive Ralph for bad-mouthing my 1st car though; my beautiful shiny black Corvair). It's still rotting up there in the orchard.

If you see a Ralph Nader sign in my frontyard Monday (next to my Ross Perot sign), you'll know he reeled me in.

Bernie O'Hare said...

You'll see me there. Try, just try, to take off my mask!

Bernard P. Fife said...

Just got back from the Nader rally. He's got my vote.

WhetherVain said...

Missed you last night (unless I didn't recognize with your mask on).

Listening to Ralph just reinforced my decision for why I chose WHETHERVAIN as a name. I'm taken in by the last convincing person I hear.

As someone pointed out last night, if the voters could hear how Nader answers every question directly - no ducking - they might be impressed by this man. It appears we owe much to him for his work & influence (on our behalf) on safety issues both automotive and workplace related.

The really dirty politics that had previously kept him off of the PA ballot (for which about 10 political folks are going to jail) are very disheartening - even if you don't like him. I never paid much attention to ballot access issues until I heard his story about what took place.

Once again, our 2 party system is not serving us well and it appears like they're doing everything they can to prevent anyone else from entering the political arena.

"I like the noise of democracy". I know he won't win (and so does he), but I like (some of) the things he stands for.

You read a lot more than I do Bernie. What's your take on this guy?

Voting begins in 16 hours. It's gonna be a long day at the polls.

WhetherVain said...

...oh, and I forgot to mention, I have the whole thing recorded (so-so quality) if you're not familiar with his platitudes.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"You read a lot more than I do Bernie. What's your take on this guy?"

First, I missed last night bc I had to sleep. I was bushed, have a pinched nerve again and needed a nap before getting my posts together.

Second, I like to read, but irt's mostly porn.

Third, I really admire Nader. I've already voted for him and actually met him twice. He had some encouraging words for me when I told him about the bond litigation.

If I am supposed to cast my vote for the candidate whose message is most appealing to me overall, it would be him. Is it a wasted vote? Only if voting your conscience is a waste.

I am more confused rthis presidential cycle than I have ever been. I am concerned by McCain's campaign, but the candidate himself is someone I like. I am opposed to his positions on domestic issues, but trust his views on foreign policy.

Obama has a good message, but his record (to the extent he has one) directly contradicts his message of working with both parties.

I suppose I lean Obama, but am truthfully undecided, even at this late point.

Bernard P. Fife said...

McCain should have picked Romney as VP. Especially with the economy being the main issue. Palin was a BIG mistake.