Friday, October 31, 2008

McCain Palin Campaign Snubs PSU Prez

Obama and McCain are supposed to be kicking and fighting and mudwrestling over every vote here in the Keystone state. After all, this is one of the "battlegrounds." But amazingly, at the very time that Palin was flailin' at PSU on Tuesday, some idiots in that campaign refused to allow Penn State Prez Graham Spanier to greet Palin or attend her event.

"He's a big Democrat. Why would he want to meet Palin?" is what a campaign aide allegedly asked.

There you have it. If you are a Democrat, the McCain-Palin camp wants nothing to do with you.

I'm heartbroken.


Bernie OHare 4 said...

this story speaks volumes

Anonymous said...

those who let singular anecdotes speak volumes are idiotic and would rather soil their Depends than walk away from a minute of MSNBC to obtain a wider view.

also, if it appeared on the abc news blotter, it MUST be factually accurate because they've been exceedingly fair in reporting this campaign. after all, wasn't it abc that exposed all of barry's terrorist friends and illegal, untraceable donations? ... oh wait, maybe not.

bernie's big on open government, but doesn't have a problem with the untraceable nature of barry's internet donations. i guess government should only be open so much.

both side have fielded embarrassingly poor candidates, but it doesn't stop the sheep from baaaaaing for their herd.

baaaaa bernie baaaaa.

Anonymous said...

What a stupid move.

Anonymous said...

Good move by Palin. McCain for years courted the lefties, and they danced with him while he was their favorite Republican anti-Bushie. Bush also governed and spent like a libtard, thinking he could reach across the aisle and please them.

What did it get them? Hung out to dry by the very same people they reached out to, and a collusive attack by the "mainstream" media, the likes of which this country has never seen.

Palin is smart enough to know the party doesn't need fair-weather RINO friends like Powell (who the left called liar, war criminal and murderer until his BHO endorsement) and Weld, and doesn't need to give photo ops to moonbats like Spanier so they can be used against them later.

McCain will probably lose, but the lesson has been learned. It will be cleansing to go through four years of Carter II while the party is purified and returns to the conservative principals that were the foundation of its success from Reagan forward. The key will be whether the lesson remains learned, and if they actually govern as they campaign, when they get another chance.

Ken Matthews said...

PSU PREZ Snubs McCain Palin Campaign- wat up wit dat ?

I just wanted to see what another allegedly sourced Hedaline looked like online.

Ken Matthews said...

correction: HEADLINE

Glenn said...

Meanwhile US presidential candidate Barack Obama said he would include Republicans in his Cabinet if he wins the election.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Anon 6:57,

Are you suggesting the story is factually inaccurate? I'll certainly link to anything that counters this.

As things stand, I am a Democrat. I am not crazy about my own party. I will split my ticket. I found lots of things to like about McCain. But how can any Democrat support a candidate when its campaign claims it is not interested in Democrats.

Anon 9:06,

you call this a good move?

If the goal is to get elected, it is not.

Anonymous said...


McCain, barring a miracle, will not be elected. In that context, I do think that it was symbolically significant to say no.

Obama does not welcome conservatives. He welcomes flip-flopping, ideoligically vacant "Republican" opportunists who ride the wave. It is not the label, but the ideas that matter. Those folks should just call themselves Democrats, rather than try to redefine what it is to be Republican.

When Reagan won over Democrats, he did not bend over and say "Stick it to me and make me into the instrument of your bidding". He said, "This is what I believe and will do, join me". That will be the only way the Republican party can go forward successfully. The results are in on the Big Tent, move center-left experiment. It failed miserably. It could never be conservative enough for the base, or liberal enough for the newcomers.

November 5 will, hopefully, mark the beginning of the reconstruction of a defined Republican party that will offer distinct and defined ideas and policies.

In a two party system, that's how it should be.

oh, for pete's sake said...

Anon 11:28,


What does being civil and accepting a greeting by the president of a host university have to do with anything you just posted? "Obama does not welcome Republicans," so it's OK to snub the president of PSU (who happens to be a Democrat) when he extends an apparently standard friendly campus protocol to a distinguished guest?

I don't think this is a reflection on Gov. Palin or Sen. McCain at all, but rather a poor campaign staffer's decision. According to Lorn Michaels and Tina Fey herself, Gov. Palin was cordial to the SNL set, which was most likely stacked with Obama supporters, so why would she not act similarly at PSU? The snub was most likely an underlings mistake, and not one of a seasoned politician.

Anonymous said...

bernie, it's you prerogative to deduce that refusing to see one of millions of democrats denotes a refusal to care about them at all.

spanier is an overpaid beggar who's been hostile to mccain all along. spanier likely would've lambasted mccain after a politically stilted audience with each other. regardless of his party, he's a very special asshole who should be ignored.

spanier supports the guy whom even pa democrats rejected 2-1 for calling them rednecks who cling to guns and religion

the temptation to absurd deductions, conclusions and hyperbole is as atypical for this blog as it is unbecoming. i gues if mccain had met with him and put on a sufficiently impressive dog-and-pony show, bernie would have been taken in by it.

Anonymous said...

Just read about how the Obama camp booted reporters from the Dallas Morning News, Washington Times, and New York Post off of the Obama plane after the papers endorsed McCain. So McCain doesnt meet with a college President that is a Dem and Obama removes "unfriendly" reporters. The door swings both ways. The big change that both of these candidates will bring is just more of the same politics as usual.

Bob Jr said...

I'm glad to see Obama boot the Washington Mooney Times, the NY Rupert Post and the Dallas Times (who dey?) from the privileged class seats. This after McCain booted Maureen Dowd and others from his airplane. Hey Rs, payback's a bitch.

Chris Miller said...

Unfortunately politics in DC has fallen to the worse level I have ever experienced in my 64 years of life. But I would remind you that George Bush was the man who upon being elected to the office talked about setting a new tone in Washington. He spoke of compassionate conservativism, that in and of itself made me sick to my stomach because I despise phrases like that. He went to work with Ted Kennedy on the No Child Left Behind Act. It was going to change the sorry education system in this country. Yet because the teachers were going to be held accountable for doing their job, something many of them can't even do, and because it was not properly funded, toss a couple more trillion at a bad system, and NCLB all of a suddene is lousy. The Act itself was and is no longer referred to as the Bush-Kennedy No Child Left Behind Act.It is simple the Bush NCLB act
Then there is the NAACP. Republican presidents and presidential candidates have avoided this group. Why? Because we know that the vast majority, 95%, will vote for the Democrats who have successfully kept that group on the plantation. Why waste your time going to a group that despises you and will not vote for you? Then they have the nerve to get indignant.
There were a lot of conservatives who were irritated by Bush's softness on issues just as we have been irritated with McCain for reaching across the aisle to guys like Kennedy and Feinman. I'm not even real thrilled with Lieberman who is conservative on one issue and that is the war and he is stong on that becaue of Israel and that is fine with be.
Whether we like it or not the political parties, specifically the idealogues, are at war. It is a my way or the highway scenario. I believe that it is something spreading through all levels of government. This is why I think we need to strip them of their benefits and term limit the whole lot. I also believe we need to make major changes in how long the election season will run. The entire process has gotten out of hand.

Ken Matthews said...

Chris M-
Thanks for bringing up TED Kennedy with is funny how that always get's tied only around Bush's neck...wasn't that one of the first "reaching across aisle" moments for W...before a hand biting ?

oh, for pete's sake said...

Mr. Matthews,

I must admit I am a little confused. What exactly did you mean when you posted this comment earlier?:

"PSU PREZ Snubs McCain Palin Campaign- wat up wit dat ?

I just wanted to see what another allegedly sourced Hedaline [sic] looked like online."

Was there another headline like that elsewhere on the Internet?

Ken Matthews said...

oh for Pete-

I wanted to call attention to a couple things: campaign aide ALLEGEDLY asked a SCHOOL EMPLOYEE WHO WAS HOPING TO MAKE ARRANGEMENTS FOR PRESIDENT SPANIER to meet Palin...according to SPANIER'S office.....

The ABC story goes onto say:

Penn State VP Bill Mahon said " we were told that president Spanier could not come."

"my guess is this is just a young campaigner"

"certainly Gov. Palin would not be aware of this."

if I was the Prez of PSU.and REALLY wanted to see Palin,.I would of just called someone else in the campaign..and asked.....but you gotta admit...this makes for a MUCH BETTER HEADLINE

Bernie O'Hare said...

There is no way a Republican winsa in Pa without Democratic votesd. For that reason, it is completely idiotic for a member of a Republican campaign to snub thew Prez of a major university bc he happens to be a D. That's reality. The headline is very accurate. In fact, the McCain campaign eventually apologized.

Anonymous said...

spanier is the reverse situation of barry's team not meeting with whatever knucklehead runs bob jones university. spanier supports legalized taking of innocent life; even ghastly partial birth abortions. he supports reverse discrimination to populate his student body. he supports draconian gun laws that even barry doesn't go so far on. he should be marginalized. there are many of us who share the opinion that spanier is a card-carrying inbecile of the highest order. it's time to treat whackjobs on the left the way we expect to - and do - treat the whackjobs on the right. just because the guy has a fancy title and is used to his minions bowing and scraping, he should still be told he has no clothes by those who think he's nuts. he's a slightly wackier bernie berg in an expensive suit taxpayers bought for him.

Anonymous said...


Ken Matthews said...

So John McCain & Sarah Palin didn't snub anybody it was a young McCain/Palin campaigner that did and someone and someone higher up was smart enough to apologize...I think McCain knows he need DEMS to win PA...but thanks for that info .lol


Bernie O'Hare said...


The headline is accurate. It was the McCain Palin campaign who snubbed the PSU Prez. That's the way it went down. I think you'll agree that is a mistake in a campaign that presumably would like to attract some Democratic votes.

Hope to hear you on the radio again soon. I missed you earlier this week, but hope you're part of the crew broadcasting again next week.

Chris Miller said...

The headline maybe accurate but the truth maybe something altogether different. Would you really believe the MSM today headline or no headline> We aren't dealing with the brighhtest bulbs in the world particularly here in the valley.