Friday, October 31, 2008

A Glendon Ghost Story

"When we lived in Glendon in an old home (in the family for 6 generations), we had several strange instances....light on and off, footsteps, doors slamming, etc. Grandsons [X] and [Y] visited when they were around 3 and 4. I was watching them and had given them baths. We were watching Disney when all 4 of their eyes popped wide open and they asked "Who's that, Pops?" When I turned I saw or felt a man walk behind me and into the dining room. When I jumped up and went in, nothing anywhere. Going back in, I asked what we saw. They said "I don't know who he was, he came right out of the wall." Needless to say, they were scared stiff. As they were Wizard of Oz fans, I told them there were good ghosts and bad ghosts (like witches) and we had a good ghost that kept the bad ghosts away. That satisfied them but not me.

"Interestingly, after we sold and moved (saying nothing about ghosts), the lady of the house asked me if we ever had trouble with ghosts! When I asked why, she mentioned same types of things. Apparently ghost goes with the house and not the family.

"Boring story but true....Happy Halloween!

This story was contributed by a reader but it is by no means boring. Do YOU have any ghost stories????


Anonymous said...

Ron Angle has, on occassion, scared the shit outta me. does that count?

Bernie O'Hare said...


WhetherVain said...

Bernie, I actually believe I heard that story myself...and wonder if it "belonged to" that house (which I remember as a barroom) located at the T intersection (as you came from the Crivellaro farm towards Glendon) right before the Glendon bridge by the tracks?

I think that place finally burned down recently.

Your story reminded me of the great memories of Tommy McCall and I as kids always ganging-up and scaring the hell outta Tom's younger brother - Kerry. Good clean fun back then. Would be great to see Tommy & Kerry again and reminisce.

Happy Halloween - and you can take your mask off anytime now.....

Anonymous said...

Friday Night Bernie went looking for a bridge near Nazareth to be a Troll at. Nobody is reading his Troll Blog anymore.