Wednesday, September 24, 2008

John Morganelli: I'm Behind in the Dough, But Trying Harder

Thanks to a John Micek special report, as only he can make them, we now know that AG Tom Corbett has nearly twice as much cash ($1.8 million) to spend on juicy TV ads than hometown favorite John Morganelli ($1 million).

Asked for comment, John cried, "Help!"

Actually, Morganelli, a product of south side Bethlehem, is quite satisfied. "Just today we raised and have in hand an additional $100,000 and more money is coming in every day. We can never compete with the hundreds of thousands of dollars Mr. Corbett is getting from gambling interests and oil executives, but we will have enough to run a good TV campaign."

Big Oil gives to Corbett, too? Those sluts. Don't tell Charlie Dent. It'll break his heart.

John also noted that AG races are historically close, decided by between 1-1.5%. This year, Morganelli claims Democrats outnumber Republicans by 1.2 million. "This race will be razor close."

Contributions to John Morganelli's campaign can be made online at or by mail at Citizens for John Morganelli PO Box 1426 Bethlehem, Pa. 18017. If you'd rather give to Corbett, please make a check payable to Citizens for John Morganelli.

John will make sure Corbett gets it.



Anonymous said...

I think John should hold a fundraiser at the church where his buddy Scissorhands threatened to stab a mourner at a funeral. Perhaps a knife throwing demonstration or a visit from the chefs at Benihana?

John has been deafeningly silent on his Svengali's hateful antics. I don't believe he's ever condemned the creep.

It's hard to take John seriously when he holds so closely to sleaze like Severson.

That being said, Severson can throw a lot of mud for little money. John will get the maximum sleazy bang for his limited dollars. In a campaign where you check your ethics at the political door, Severson is definitely your guy.

Anonymous said...


not so casual observer said...

More than one person has commented that they shudder to think of Severson being inside the AG's office!